Theses & Dissertations

Graduate Degree Title Advisor
Julia Rogers PhD Characterizing SARS-CoV-2 infection burden and COVID-19 vaccination intent and uptake in congregate shelters in Seattle, WA Helen Y. Chu
Molly Reid PhD Understanding methamphetamine and opioid co-use: national trends and local harm reduction strategies for overlapping illicit drug use Sara Nelson Glick
Olivia Ancrum MPH Difficulty Walking and Contraceptive Use among Reproductive Aged Women: The 2019 CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Daniel A. Enquobahrie
Jessica Seiler PhD Exploring the online and in-person epidemiology and etiology of white supremacy Anjum Hajat
McKenzi Norris MS Sexual Orientation and Influenza Vaccine Uptake in the Southern United States Alyson Littman
Caitlin McGrath MS Associations Between Structural and Social Determinants of Health with Pediatric Surgical Site Infections Christine M. Khosropour
Delaney Glass MPH Cofactors of Longitudinal Linear Growth Among Infants with and Without In-utero HIV/Antiretroviral Exposure in Kenya Grace C. John-Stewart
Cao Fang MPH Gender minority stress and depressive symptoms among transfeminine and gender non-conforming individuals in China: mediating and moderating roles of coping Arjee Restar
Aaron Davis MPH Prevalence of Depressive Symptoms Among Children Exposed to Parental Incarceration in the 2019 and 2021 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) Mienah Sharif Mary A. Kernic
Zia Yasaman PhD Empowerment, Stigma, and Structural Factors and their Influences on Sexual and Reproductive Health Care of Young Women Renee Heffron
Magali Sanchez MPH Association of Neighborhood Disadvantage and COVID-19 and Influenza Vaccine Uptake and Positivity Among Kaiser Permanente Washington Flu Vaccine Effectiveness Subjects, 2018 – 2022 Karen Wernli
Kate McConnell PhD Multilevel sociodemographic and socioeconomic disparities in COVID-19 outcomes in the Central Puget Sound region, 2020-2021 Christine M. Khosropour
Sandra Mata-Diaz MPH Mental Health Care Utilization in Latinx Young Adults Who Grew Up in Rural or Small-Town U.S. Communities by Racial/Ethnic Immigrant Generational Status Isaac Rhew
Kendall Lawley MPH Multiple adverse childhood experiences and maternal mental health outcomes among Kenyan mothers with and without HIV Grace C. John-Stewart
Kristine Karvonen MS Historical redlining and survival among children, adolescents, and young adults with cancer diagnosed between 2007-2019 in Seattle/Tacoma Stephen Marc Schwartz
Machi Kaneko MS Outcomes of Kidney Transplantation Among Undocumented Immigrants in the United States Noel Weiss
Aaron Ferguson MS Did California’s 2020 Medi-Cal Expansion Improve Health Insurance Coverage and Mental Health Outcomes Among Young Adults Without US Citizenship? A Population-based, Quasi-Experimental Study Steve J. Mooney
Saurya Dhungel MPH Association of Patient Characteristics with Risk of Rheumatic Heart Disease in First-Degree Relatives of Index Cases in Nepal Nona Sotoodehnia
Daniel Cockson MS Prioritizing Out-of-Care Case Investigations in King County, Washington Julia Dombrowski
Benjamin Bryer MPH Does Racial Residential Segregation Influence Smoking Behaviors? The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis Anjum Hajat
Michelle Thomas MPH The Association Between Experiencing Racism and Postpartum Care: A Cross-Sectional Study of Pregnant People in the United States in 2019 Daniel A. Enquobahrie
William Tsang MPH Earned income tax credit policy and unhealthy alcohol use: A difference-in-differences analysis of U.S. states, 2001-2019 Ali Rowhani-Rahbar
Vanessa Phuong MS A longitudinal study of the association between internalizing problems during early adolescence and alcohol and cannabis use disorder at age 18 in a community sample Isaac Rhew
Simon Hsu MS Clinical and Biomarker Modifiers of Vitamin D Treatment Response: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis Ian H. De Boer
Maria Oliva MS Depressive Symptoms Over the Course of Adolescence among Latinx Youth from Small Towns in the United States: Comparing Children of Immigrants and Non-Immigrants Isaac Rhew
Natasha Ludwig-Barron PhD Karibu na sirenji (Near the Syringe): Applying mixed methods to characterize the HIV risk environment and gender differences among persons who inject drugs in Nairobi, Kenya Brandon Guthrie
Meixin Zhang MS The effect of polygamy on loss of human papillomavirus detection in Senegalese women Stephen E. Hawes
Julia Rogers MPH Care-seeking correlates of acute respiratory illness among sheltered homeless adults in Seattle, WA: a community-based cross-sectional study Helen Y. Chu
Jennifer Brown MPH Structural Factors and Racial Disparities in Severe Maternal Morbidity: An Examination of State-Level Indicators of Structural Racism and Severe Maternal Morbidity Among Black and White Persons in the U.S., 2009-2011 Daniel A. Enquobahrie
John Schoof MPH Residential Land Use Regulation and Chronic Disease Disparities by Income Level Steve J. Mooney
Madelyn Sather MPH The Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Rates Daniel A. Enquobahrie
Julia Lund MPH The Intergenerational Impact of Precarious Work: A retrospective cohort analysis of the association between parent’s employment quality and their children’s behavioral problems Anjum Hajat
Anurekha Hall MS Socioeconomic Factors and Adherence to Healthcare Recommendations in Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors Beth A. Mueller
Medhavi Bole MPH Characterization of patients seeking care at a Sexual Health Clinic who report engaging in exchange sex Julia Dombrowski
Michael Barry MPH Hepatitis C Prevalence, Correlates, and Social Networks among Cisgender Women who Participate in Sex Work in Seattle, WA Sara Nelson Glick
Amy Jan MS Investigating Health Inequality in Primary Care Spatial Accessibility Among Races and Ethnicities in King County Using a Geospatial Approach Steve J. Mooney
Jerzy Eisenberg-Guyot PhD Does the union make us strong? Labor unions, health, and health inequities in the United States Anjum Hajat
James Buszkiewicz PhD The influence of state minimum wage increases on health and behavior Adam Drewnowski
Helena Archer MPH Local-level Association of Social Deprivation and Serious Injuries in Washington State: An Ecological Cross-sectional Study Ali Rowhani-Rahbar
Leah Neff Warner MPH Diet quality and depressive symptoms in a cohort of American Indians: The Strong Heart Family Study Mandy Fretts
Orion Stewart PhD Public Park System Characteristics Associated with Physical Activity Alyson Littman
Tri Nhan Dai Le MPH Sociodemographic, behavioral, and neighborhood-environment predictors of diabetes prevalence across Asian American ethnicities: Analyses of CHIS (2013-2015). Anjum Hajat
Elyse Kadokura MPH Using GPS data to explore demographic predictors of life-space: a pooled analysis Mandy Fretts
Cheryl Dietrich MPH Power, privilege and HIV prevalence: examination of sexual HIV-risk factors in MSM and transgender women who engage in transactional sex Ann Duerr
Rebecca Brander MPH Host and environmental correlates of multi-drug resistance in Kenyan children with acute bacterial diarrhea Grace C. John-Stewart
Leora R. Feldstein PhD The 2014 chikungunya virus outbreak in the U.S. Virgin Islands: epidemiology, long-term health outcomes, and economic burden Elizabeth Halloran
Gloria C. Chi PhD Methylomic and Transcriptomic Insights Linking Air Pollution and Atherosclerosis Joel D. Kaufman
Michael B. Arndt PhD Environmental Enteropathy and Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 are associated with early childhood growth in Bangladesh Judd L. Walson
Alastair Matheson PhD Changing etiologies of childhood acute febrile illness: implications for management in an era of declining malaria Joel D. Kaufman Judd L. Walson
Sarah Roberts PhD Gender Based Violence and HIV Risk: Mediating Pathways and Strategies for Prevention Susan M. Graham
Linda Oseso MPH Intimate Partner Violence among HIV-seropositive and HIV-seronegative Pregnant Women Receiving Partner Services in Kisumu, Kenya: Correlates and Incidence during Postpartum Brandon Guthrie
Jillian Neary MPH Role of Support Persons in Adolescent and Young Adult Voluntary HIV Testing and Counseling in Kenya Jennifer Slyker
Julia Hood PhD Using HIV Surveillance Data for Public Health Evaluations and Interventions: Common Challenges & Proposed Methodological Solutions Stephen E. Hawes
Christopher Hearne MPH Association between depressive symptoms, risk factors for sexually transmitted infections, and nongonococcal urethritis Lisa E. Manhart
Lauren Strand MS New statin use and left ventricular structure: estimating long-term associations in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) Joseph (Chris) Delaney
Monisha Sharma PhD Evaluating the efficiency of community-based HIV testing and counseling strategies to decrease HIV burden in sub-Saharan Africa Ruanne Barnabas
Chelsie Porter MPH Socioeconomic Status and Health Behavior in Nepal Annette L. Fitzpatrick Roxanne P. Kerani
Thomas Odeny PhD Implementation science to expand an mHealth intervention for improving retention in care for women living with HIV and their children Scott McClelland
Andrew Mujugira PhD Antiretroviral Treatment as Prevention in African HIV-1 Serodiscordant Couples: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities Jared Baeten
Christine Heumann MPH Comparison of In-Person Versus Telephone Interviews for Early Syphilis and HIV Partner Services in King County, Washington (2010-2014) Matthew Golden
Sanju Bhattarai MPH Influence of household remittance on childhood stunting in Nepal Annette L. Fitzpatrick
Griffith Bell PhD Air Pollution and High Density Lipoprotein Structure and Function Joel D. Kaufman
Ying Zhang MPH Birth-to-pregnancy intervals and adverse perinatal outcomes among African-born women in Washington State Daniel A. Enquobahrie
Xiao Zhang MPH Ambient ozone pollution and daily mortality in three megacities in China Joel D. Kaufman
Tashina Robinson MS Erectile Dysfunction Drug Use, Risk Behavior, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Lisa E. Manhart
Amy Rice MPH The Association of Maternal Occupations and Deliveries by Cesarean Section for Infants Born in Washington, 2011 to 2013 Joel D. Kaufman
Divya Patil MPH The Association Between Maternal Work Precarity and Infant Low Birth Weight in a Nationally Representative Cohort of Women in the United States Anjum Hajat
Amanda Mancenido MPH Examining psychological distress across intersections of immigrant generational status, race, poverty, and gender Anjum Hajat
Irene Njuguna MPH Financial incentives to increase pediatric HIV testing in Kenya: A pilot randomized clinical trial Jennifer Slyker
Joseph Murphy MPH Prevalence and Risk Factors for Diabetes Mellitus among newly-diagnosed HIV-infected South African Adults Paul K. Drain
Robert Tessler MPH Differences by Victim Race and Ethnicity in Race and Ethnicity Motivated Violent Bias Crimes: A National Study Ali Rowhani-Rahbar
Spencer Hensley MS Outcomes of Wraparound Care Coordination for Youth with Complex Behavioral Health Needs
Sarah Stansfield MPH Worldwide HIV Virulence Evolution in Response to Changes in Prevalence and Treatment Coverage Steven M. Goodreau
Maayan Simckes PhD Policing and population health: The relationship between militarization and lethal use of force Anjum Hajat
Jamaica Robinson PhD Effects of individual and neighborhood socioeconomic status on outcomes following a colorectal cancer diagnosis Polly A. Newcomb
BreAnna Kinghorn MS Social Determinants of Asthma in American Indian Children Mandy Fretts
Samantha Rice MPH Relationship power and partner support for family planning among postpartum adolescents in Kenya Alison Drake
Akilina Douthat MPH Health Conditions of Particular Concern to Maternal Child Health Populations in Post-Invasion Iraq: A Comparison Between Data Sources Daniel A. Enquobahrie
Vivian Lyons PhD Following a Firearm Injury: Recidivism and Behavior Change Ali Rowhani-Rahbar
Jade Pagkas-Bather MPH What’s PrEP?: Examining Factors Associated with PrEP Peer Navigator Acceptability among Black and Latinx MSM in Western Washington Susan M. Graham
Miranda Delawalla MPH A Concurrent and Longitudinal Analysis of Teacher Support, Stressful Life Events, and Depressive Symptoms in Early Adolescence
Lauren White MPH The role of individual and community level social and cultural connectedness in modifying the effect of childhood adversity on anxiety and depression in American Indian college students
Patrick Owiti MPH Assessment of Repeat HIV Testing and Utilization of HIV Self-Testing to Increase Repeat Testing Amongst Pregnant and Postpartum Women in Kisumu County, Kenya Jared Baeten
Caislin Firth PhD Unexpected consequences of cannabis legalization on youth Anjum Hajat
Irene Njuguna PhD From pediatric to adolescent HIV: mortality, viral suppression and transition to adult care Grace C. John-Stewart
Laura Chambers PhD Urethral sexual exposures: relationship with prevalent nongonococcal urethritis, the urethral microbiota, and resolution of symptoms Lisa E. Manhart
Kennedy Muni PhD Effect of road safety-conscious motorcycle taxi programs on riding behaviors and risk of road traffic crash among motorcycle taxi drivers in Kampala, Uganda Brandon Guthrie
Shiow-Wen Yang PhD Effects of Parental Mental Illness on Common Child Health Outcomes
Shiow-Wen Yang PhD Effects of Parental Mental Illness on Common Child Health Outcomes
Diana Tordoff MPH Sex Misclassification in the BRFSS and its Implications for Assessing Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Reproductive Health: A Quantitative Bias Analysis Anjum Hajat
Jill Steiner MS Hospital Resource Utilization and Presence of Advance Directives at the End of Life for Adults with Congenital Heart Disease Susan R. Heckbert
Jessica Long PhD Investigating the sexual partnerships of transgender women in Lima, Peru to improve targeted HIV interventions Ann Duerr
Lorraine Twohey-Jacobs MS Health care service utilization of individuals in permanent supportive housing in Seattle, WA accessing care through Public Health – Seattle and King County’s Health Care for the Homeless Network Anjum Hajat
Nicole Lorona MS Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Risk of Breast Cancer Mortality by Molecular Subtype and Stage at Diagnosis Christopher I-Fu Li
Ruchi Tiwari MPH A Retrospective Cohort Study of Race and Ethnicity, Pre-pregnancy Weight, and Pregnancy Complications Daniel A. Enquobahrie
Natasha Wenzel PhD Assessing Optimal Intervention Targets for Respiratory Infections in Structured Populations Elizabeth Halloran
Yu Ni PhD Assessing the Individual and Interactive Associations of Pre- and Postnatal Air Pollution Exposures and Maternal Nutrition During Pregnancy with Child Blood Pressure: A Prospective Study in a Community-based Birth Cohort Catherine Karr
Elizabeth Killien MPH Risk factors for health-related quality of life deterioration following pediatric critical illness Noel Weiss
Erin Morgan PhD Perpetration of Interpersonal Violence, Incarceration, and Subsequent Risk for Firearm Suicide Ali Rowhani-Rahbar
Chase Cannon MPH Variation in Syphilis Among Men who Have Sex with Men and Women in the United States and Association with Syphilis in Women Matthew Golden