MPH Eligibility and Application Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

  • Earned bachelor’s degree prior to entering the MPH (Note: International bachelor’s degrees that are 3 years in duration do not automatically fulfill this eligibility requirement. Please contact Epi at if you have questions about this)
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA in most recent 60 semester credits or 90 quarter credits
  • English language proficiency requirements (non-native English speakers)

Application Requirements

The application deadline for Fall 2024 admission has passed. The application for Fall 2025 entry will open on September 1, 2024.

MPH applicants are required to submit applications through both SOPHAS and the UW Graduate School online application system. Please be sure to choose the same degree program and track in each system as described below. Please apply to only one degree program and track within Epi. The UW Department of Epidemiology will only review one application per applicant

SOPHAS Application and Fee Waiver Requests

  • Start your SOPHAS application and create a login ID and password.
  • Complete the sections for:
    • Personal Information
    • Academic History
    • Supporting Information
  • To apply for the MPH in Epidemiology, on the “Add Program” page in the “University of Washington School of Public Health” section, click the “+” icon in the “Add” column affiliated with either the MPH Epidemiology-General Track or the MPH Epidemiology-Maternal and Child Health Track.
  • Complete the sections for:
    • Questions
    • Documents (if needed)
  • When all sections are complete, pay the fee and submit the application.
    • The application fee is $150 for the first program and an additional $60 for each additional program. To request a fee waiver, click your name in the upper right corner of the application, then select Fee Waiver Form.
    • Additional information is available here: SOPHAS Fees and Fee Waivers – Liaison (

SOPHAS Application Materials

Deadline to submit: December 2, 2024 (11:59 PM Pacific Time)

You must provide the following in your UW Epi MPH SOPHAS application:

  • Transcripts
  • CV or resume
  • 3 references
  • UW School of Public Health personal history statement
  • UW School of Public Health equity, diversity, and inclusion statement
  • Department of Epidemiology statement of purpose
  • UW Graduate School application number
  • Epi MPH-Maternal and Child Health Track applicants only: Maternal and Child Health questions
  • English Language Proficiency Requirement (for non-native English speakers only)

Descriptions of Required SOPHAS Materials

UW Graduate School Application & Fee Waiver Requests

UW Epi MPH applicants also need to complete and submit the UW Graduate School Online Application* and enter your MyGrad AppID into your SOPHAS application

  • Start your application here by clicking on the “Create a Profile” link or the “Log into your account” link if you already have a profile in the UW Graduate School online application system
  • After creating or logging into your profile click “Create a new application”
  • On the Program Information Page, choose “Graduate” for question 1
  • Choose either the Epidemiology – Public Health – General Track (MPH) or the Epidemiology – Public Health – Maternal and Child Health Program (MPH) for question 2, depending on which one corresponds to your Epi MPH SOPHAS application.
  • Complete all requested sections of the application.
  • When all application sections are complete, pay the $90 application fee and submit the application.
    • Eligible applicants may apply for a fee waiver (applicants who would attend the UW on an F or J visa are not eligible for a fee waiver)

*Note: The SOPHAS and UW Graduate School applications can be submitted in either order, but preferably on the same day. In order to complete either application you will need to have started the other.

UW Graduate School Online Application Materials

Deadline to submit: December 2, 2024 (11:59pm Pacific Time)

Descriptions of UW Graduate School Online Application Materials