Amanda Phipps

Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Associate Chair, Epidemiology



PhD Epidemiology, University of Washington, 2010
MPH Epidemiology, University of California (Berkeley), 2003
BA Biological Sciences, Northwestern University, 2001



Box 351619
Department of Epidemiology
Hans Rosling Center for Population Health, 875
Seattle, WA 98195

Research Interests

Dr. Phipps's research interests span the fields of cancer epidemiology, molecular epidemiology, and clinical epidemiology. Her current projects focus on the relationship between modifiable lifestyle factors (e.g., smoking, obesity) and survival in individuals with biologically-distinct subtypes of colorectal cancer, and the impact of sleep and sleep disorders on cancer incidence and survival. She also has an interest in molecular subtypes of breast cancer, particularly in risk factors for the poor-prognosis triple-negative subtype of breast cancer.

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Folate intake and colorectal cancer risk according to genetic subtypes defined by targeted tumor sequencing.
(2024 Jul 16)
Am J Clin Nutr
Aglago EK, Qu C, Harlid S, Phipps AI, Steinfelder RS, Ogino S, Thomas CE, Hsu L, Toland AE, Brenner H, Berndt SI, Buchanan DD, Campbell PT, Cao Y, Chan AT, Drew DA, Figueiredo JC, French AJ, Gallinger S, Georgeson P, Giannakis M, Goode EL, Gruber SB, Gunter MJ, Harrison TA, Hoffmeister M, Huang WY, Hullar MA, Huyghe JR, Jenkins MA, Lynch BM, Moreno V, Murphy N, Newton CC, Nowak JA, Obón-Santacana M, Sun W, Ugai T, Um CY, Zaidi SH, Tsilidis KK, van Guelpen B, Peters U

Evaluation of oral herpes simplex virus shedding among solid organ transplant recipients: A pilot study.
(2024 Jul 15)
Transpl Infect Dis
Fischer MD, Green ML, Selke S, Limaye AP, Wald A, Boeckh MJ, Phipps AI, Pergam SA, Johnston C

Reproductive characteristics, menopausal status, race and ethnicity, and risk of breast cancer subtypes defined by ER, PR and HER2 status: the Breast Cancer Etiology in Minorities study.
(2024 May 31)
Breast Cancer Res 26(1): 88
John EM, Koo J, Phipps AI, Longacre TA, Kurian AW, Ingles SA, Wu AH, Hines LM

Large-scale alternative polyadenylation-wide association studies to identify putative cancer susceptibility genes.
(2024 May 17)
Cancer Res
Guo X, Ping J, Yang Y, Su X, Shu XO, Wen W, Chen Z, Zhang Y, Tao R, Jia G, He J, Cai Q, Zhang Q, Giles GG, Pearlman R, Rennert G, Vodicka P, Phipps A, Gruber SB, Casey G, Peters U, Long J, Lin W, Zheng W

Use of Deep Learning to Evaluate Tumor Microenvironmental Features for Prediction of Colon Cancer Recurrence.
(2024 May 23)
Cancer Res Commun 4(5): 1344-1350
Sinicrope FA, Nelson GD, Saberzadeh-Ardestani B, Segovia DI, Graham RP, Wu C, Hagen CE, Shivji S, Savage P, Buchanan DD, Jenkins MA, Phipps AI, Swallow C, LeMarchand L, Gallinger S, Grant RC, Pai RK, Sinicrope SN, Yan D, Shanmugam K, Conner J, Cyr DP, Kirsch R, Banerjee I, Alberts SR, Shi Q, Pai RK

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