Amanda Phipps

Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Associate Chair, Epidemiology



PhD Epidemiology, University of Washington, 2010
MPH Epidemiology, University of California (Berkeley), 2003
BA Biological Sciences, Northwestern University, 2001



University of Washington
Office F-250A
Box 357236
Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health
Seattle, WA 98195
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Box 358080
1100 Fairview Avenue North, M4-C308
Seattle, WA 98109

Research Interests

Dr. Phipps's research interests span the fields of cancer epidemiology, molecular epidemiology, and clinical epidemiology. Her current projects focus on the relationship between modifiable lifestyle factors (e.g., smoking, obesity) and survival in individuals with biologically-distinct subtypes of colorectal cancer, and the impact of sleep and sleep disorders on cancer incidence and survival. She also has an interest in molecular subtypes of breast cancer, particularly in risk factors for the poor-prognosis triple-negative subtype of breast cancer.

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Association between germline variants and somatic mutations in colorectal cancer.
(2022 Jun 17)
Sci Rep 12(1): 10207
Barfield R, Qu C, Steinfelder RS, Zeng C, Harrison TA, Brezina S, Buchanan DD, Campbell PT, Casey G, Gallinger S, Giannakis M, Gruber SB, Gsur A, Hsu L, Huyghe JR, Moreno V, Newcomb PA, Ogino S, Phipps AI, Slattery ML, Thibodeau SN, Trinh QM, Toland AE, Hudson TJ, Sun W, Zaidi SH, Peters U

Identifying colorectal cancer caused by biallelic MUTYH pathogenic variants using tumor mutational signatures.
(2022 Jun 6)
Nat Commun 13(1): 3254
Georgeson P, Harrison TA, Pope BJ, Zaidi SH, Qu C, Steinfelder RS, Lin Y, Joo JE, Mahmood K, Clendenning M, Walker R, Amitay EL, Berndt SI, Brenner H, Campbell PT, Cao Y, Chan AT, Chang-Claude J, Doheny KF, Drew DA, Figueiredo JC, French AJ, Gallinger S, Giannakis M, Giles GG, Gsur A, Gunter MJ, Hoffmeister M, Hsu L, Huang WY, Limburg P, Manson JE, Moreno V, Nassir R, Nowak JA, Obón-Santacana M, Ogino S, Phipps AI, Potter JD, Schoen RE, Sun W, Toland AE, Trinh QM, Ugai T, Macrae FA, Rosty C, Hudson TJ, Jenkins MA, Thibodeau SN, Winship IM, Peters U, Buchanan DD

Long-term patient-reported neurocognitive outcomes in adult survivors of hematopoietic cell transplant.
(2022 May 18)
Blood Adv
Wu NL, Phipps AI, Krull KR, Syrjala KL, Carpenter PA, Connelly-Smith L, Flowers ME, Krakow EF, Ueda Oshima M, Lee SJ, Chow EJ

Diabetes mellitus in relation to colorectal tumor molecular subtypes: A pooled analysis of more than 9000 cases.
(2022 Aug 1)
Int J Cancer 151(3): 348-360
Harlid S, Van Guelpen B, Qu C, Gylling B, Aglago EK, Amitay EL, Brenner H, Buchanan DD, Campbell PT, Cao Y, Chan AT, Chang-Claude J, Drew DA, Figueiredo JC, French AJ, Gallinger S, Giannakis M, Giles GG, Gunter MJ, Hoffmeister M, Hsu L, Jenkins MA, Lin Y, Moreno V, Murphy N, Newcomb PA, Newton CC, Nowak JA, Obón-Santacana M, Ogino S, Potter JD, Song M, Steinfelder RS, Sun W, Thibodeau SN, Toland AE, Ugai T, Um CY, Woods MO, Phipps AI, Harrison T, Peters U

Assessing the causal role of epigenetic clocks in the development of multiple cancers: a Mendelian randomization study.
(2022 Mar 29)
Elife 11():
Morales Berstein F, McCartney DL, Lu AT, Tsilidis KK, Bouras E, Haycock P, Burrows K, Phipps AI, Buchanan DD, Cheng I, PRACTICAL consortium., Martin RM, Davey Smith G, Relton CL, Horvath S, Marioni RE, Richardson TG, Richmond RC

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