Mienah Z. Sharif

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology



PhD University of California Los Angeles,
MPH University of California Los Angeles,
BA Economics, Government, Smith College,




Mienah Z. Sharif takes a social justice, global and intersectional approach towards examining the nature and determinants of health inequities among racial and ethnic minority groups across the lifecourse. She is especially interested in addressing questions about the influence of structural factors, differential exposure to adverse social conditions and psychosocial factors on indicators of health and wellbeing across various life stages. She is currently extending her work on racism and discrimination to examine religious identity as a form of structural inequality via the racialization of religion. As a mixed-methods researcher, she prioritizes community-engaged research that aims to guide health and social policies addressing inequities.

Research Interests

Social epidemiology, social determinants of health, Public Health Critical Race Praxis (PHCRP), health equity across the lifecourse, health implications of racism, immigrant and refugee health

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Racism and Structural Violence: Interconnected Threats to Health Equity.
Front Public Health 9(): 676783
Sharif MZ, García JJ, Mitchell U, Dellor ED, Bradford NJ, Truong M

The association between experiences of religious discrimination, social-emotional and sleep outcomes among youth in Australia.
(2021 Sep)
SSM Popul Health 15(): 100883
Sharif MZ, Truong M, Alam O, Dunn K, Nelson J, Kavanagh A, Paradies Y, Priest N

Social Patterning of Racial Discrimination Among a Diverse Sample of School-Aged Children in Australia.
(2022 Jun)
J Racial Ethn Health Disparities 9(3): 830-839
Sharif MZ, Truong M, Kavanagh A, Alam O, Chong S, Paradies Y, Priest N

We're in This Together: A Reflection on How Bioethics and Public Health Can Collectively Advance Scientific Efforts Towards Addressing Racism.
(2021 Mar)
J Bioeth Inq 18(1): 113-116
Truong M, Sharif MZ

Associations between spousal caregiving and health among older adults in Mexico: A targeted estimation approach.
(2021 May)
Int J Geriatr Psychiatry 36(5): 775-783
Torres JM, Mitchell UA, Sofrygin O, Rudolph KE, López-Ortega M, Sharif MZ, Wong R, Glymour MM

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