Grace John-Stewart

Professor, Epidemiology
Professor, Global Health
Professor, Medicine - Allergy and Infectious Dis.
Professor, Pediatrics



MD Medicine, University of Michigan, 1987
MPH Epidemiology, University of Washington, 1995
PhD Epidemiology, University of Washington, 2000



Global Center for Integrated Health of Women, Adolescents and Children (Global WACh)
325 9th Avenue, Box 359909
Seattle, WA 98104

Research Interests

Dr. Grace John-Stewart is a Professor of Global Health, Medicine, Epidemiology, and Pediatrics at the University of Washington. Her interests include prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT), improving outcomes for children with HIV, and addressing relevant co-infections that affect women and children with HIV (including TB, pneumonia, diarrhea, CMV). Dr. John-Stewart has published over 275 peer-reviewed articles. Her research is based in Kenya and includes molecular epidemiologic studies, clinical trials, implementation science studies, and program evaluations focused on HIV and maternal child health. She received the Elizabeth Glaser Scientist Award for research on mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Dr. John-Stewart has mentored numerous trainees, received a K24 Mentorship Award, and received a UW School of Medicine mentorship award. She is the Director of the UW CFAR International Core and the UW Global Center for Integrated Health of Women, Adolescents and Children (Global WACh).

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Effect of pregnancy versus postpartum maternal isoniazid preventive therapy on infant growth in HIV-exposed uninfected infants: a post-hoc analysis of the TB APPRISE trial.
(2023 Apr)
EClinicalMedicine 58(): 101912
Cherkos AS, LaCourse SM, Enquobahrie DA, Richardson BA, Bradford S, Montepiedra G, Mmbaga BT, Mbengeranwa T, Masheto G, Jean-Phillippe P, Chakhtoura N, Theron G, Weinberg A, Cassim H, Raesi MS, Jean E, Wabwire D, Nematadzira T, Stranix-Chibanda L, Hesseling AC, Aurpibul L, Gupta A, John-Stewart G, IMPAACT P1078 TB APPRISE Study Team

Risk factors for stillbirth and neonatal mortality among participants in Mobile WACh NEO pilot, a two-way SMS communication program in Kenya.
PLOS Glob Public Health 2(7): e0000812
Hedstrom AB, Choo EM, Ronen K, Wandika B, Jiang W, Osborn L, Batra M, Wamalwa D, John-Stewart G, Kinuthia J, Unger JA

"When they are all grown, I will tell them": Experience and perceptions of parental self-disclosure of HIV status to children in Nairobi, Kenya.
(2023 Mar 17)
BMC Public Health 23(1): 519
Mugo C, Firdawsi O, Wang J, Njuguna IN, Wamalwa DC, Slyker JA, John-Stewart GC, O'Malley G, Wagner AD

Correction: A Text Messaging-Based Support Intervention to Enhance Pre-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Prevention Adherence During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial.
(2023 Mar 17)
JMIR Res Protoc 12(): e47124
Mogaka JN, Otieno FA, Akim E, Beima-Sofie K, Dettinger J, Gomez L, Marwa M, Odhiambo B, Ngure K, Ronen K, Sharma M, John-Stewart G, Richardson B, Stern J, Unger J, Udren J, Watoyi S, Pintye J, Kinuthia J

Risk-based versus universal PrEP delivery during pregnancy: a cluster randomized trial in Western Kenya from 2018 to 2019.
(2023 Feb)
J Int AIDS Soc 26(2): e26061
Kinuthia J, Dettinger JC, Stern J, Ngumbau N, Ochieng B, Gómez L, Abuna F, Watoyi S, Marwa M, Odinga D, Wagner AD, Richardson BA, Pintye J, Baeten JM, John-Stewart G

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