Nona Sotoodehnia

Adjunct Professor, Epidemiology
Professor, Medicine - Cardiology



MPH Harvard School of Public Health, 1996
MD Harvard Medical School, 1996
BS Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1991



Box 359748


Dr. Sotoodehnia, the John and Cookie Laughlin Endowed Professor in Cardiology, is co-director of the Cardiovascular Health Research Unit. She is a general cardiologist at Harborview Medical Center.

She conducts research on the genomics and epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases and risk factors. Her research focus includes cardiac arrhythmias and sudden cardiac arrest, diabetes and coronary heart disease. She and her group are leading efforts in precision medicine, examining drug-gene interactions, risk prediction and drug safety. Her work investigates gender and ethnic differences in cardiovascular risk and outcomes. In addition, she has a long interest in international health and is helping lead efforts in cardiovascular treatments in Nepal.

Research Interests

  • Preventive cardiology
  • Arrhythmias including sudden cardiac death and atrial fibrillation
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Precision medicine
  • International health
  • Diabetes and gender 
  • Ethnic differences in cardiovascular risk and outcomes

Recent Publications (PubMed)

A method for continuous rhythm classification and early detection of ventricular fibrillation during CPR.
(2022 Jul)
Resuscitation 176(): 90-97
Kwok H, Coult J, Blackwood J, Sotoodehnia N, Kudenchuk P, Rea T

Association of Trimethylamine N-Oxide and Metabolites With Mortality in Older Adults.
(2022 May 2)
JAMA Netw Open 5(5): e2213242
Fretts AM, Hazen SL, Jensen P, Budoff M, Sitlani CM, Wang M, de Oliveira Otto MC, DiDonato JA, Lee Y, Psaty BM, Siscovick DS, Sotoodehnia N, Tang WHW, Lai H, Lemaitre RN, Mozaffarian D

Integrative analysis of clinical and epigenetic biomarkers of mortality.
(2022 Jun)
Aging Cell 21(6): e13608
Huan T, Nguyen S, Colicino E, Ochoa-Rosales C, Hill WD, Brody JA, Soerensen M, Zhang Y, Baldassari A, Elhadad MA, Toshiko T, Zheng Y, Domingo-Relloso A, Lee DH, Ma J, Yao C, Liu C, Hwang SJ, Joehanes R, Fornage M, Bressler J, van Meurs JBJ, Debrabant B, Mengel-From J, Hjelmborg J, Christensen K, Vokonas P, Schwartz J, Gahrib SA, Sotoodehnia N, Sitlani CM, Kunze S, Gieger C, Peters A, Waldenberger M, Deary IJ, Ferrucci L, Qu Y, Greenland P, Lloyd-Jones DM, Hou L, Bandinelli S, Voortman T, Hermann B, Baccarelli A, Whitsel E, Pankow JS, Levy D

Pulmonary Function and Blood DNA Methylation: A Multi-Ancestry Epigenome-Wide Association Meta-Analysis.
(2022 May 10)
Am J Respir Crit Care Med
Lee M, Huan T, McCartney DL, Chittoor G, de Vries M, Lahousse L, Nguyen JN, Brody JA, Castillo-Fernandez J, Terzikhan N, Qi C, Joehanes R, Min JL, Smilnak GJ, Shaw JR, Yang CX, Colicino E, Hoang TT, Bermingham ML, Xu H, Justice AE, Xu CJ, Rich SS, Cox SR, Vonk JM, Prokić I, Sotoodehnia N, Tsai PC, Schwartz JD, Leung JM, Sikdar S, Walker RM, Harris SE, van der Plaat DA, Van Den Berg DJ, Bartz TM, Spector TD, Vokonas PS, Marioni RE, Taylor AM, Liu Y, Barr RG, Lange LA, Baccarelli AA, Obeidat M, Fornage M, Wang T, Ward JM, Motsinger-Reif AA, Hemani G, Koppelman GH, Bell JT, Gharib SA, Brusselle G, Boezen HM, North KE, Levy D, Evans KL, Dupuis J, Breeze CE, Manichaikul A, London SJ, BIOS consortium, GoDMC.

Sex hormones and repolarization dynamics during the menstrual cycle in women with congenital long QT syndrome.
(2022 May 5)
Heart Rhythm
Bjelic M, Zareba W, Peterson DR, Younis A, Aktas MK, Huang DT, Rosero S, Cutter K, McNitt S, Xia X, MacKecknie BD, Horn R, Sotoodehnia N, Kudenchuk PJ, Rea TD, Arking DE, Wilde AAM, Shimizu W, Ackerman MJ, Goldenberg I

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