Anti-Racism & EDI

The University of Washington Department of Epidemiology (UW Epi) is committed to anti-racism—in our teaching, mentoring, research, administration, outreach, and practice. Epidemiology is an essential public health science that enables us to understand the distribution of health in different populations and factors associated with the presence and absence of health. The Epi Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee works in partnership with Department leadership to inform the development of tools and curricula that use a social justice and anti-racist framework as the foundation for teaching and implementing epidemiologic principles in public health research and practice.

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EDI Glossary

This glossary was developed by the Epi EDI Committee with the intention to encourage a common understanding and use of EDI terminology.

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NIH Diversity Supplement Resources

Funding opportunities aimed to increase diversity in the research workforce by providing training, mentorship and career development opportunities.