Steve Mooney

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology


PhD Epidemiology, Columbia University, 2016
MS Epidemiology, Columbia University, 2012
BS Computer Science, Yale University, 1998


Box 351619
Department of Epidemiology
Hans Rosling Center for Population Health, 868
Seattle, WA 98195

Research Interests

Dr. Mooney is interested, broadly, in how cities affect health, and how we can know whether they do. His research focuses on built environment influences on pedestrian injury and physical activity, augmented with a stable of side projects digging into epidemiologic methodology.

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Bicycle infrastructure and the incidence rate of crashes with cars: A case-control study with Strava data in Atlanta.
(2023 Sep)
J Transp Health 32():
Garber MD, Watkins KE, Flanders WD, Kramer MR, Lobelo RLF, Mooney SJ, Ederer DJ, McCullough LE

Novel Methods of Identifying Individual and Neighborhood Risk Factors for Loss to Follow-Up After Ophthalmic Screening.
(2023 Oct 20)
J Glaucoma
Heilenbach N, Ogunsola T, Elgin C, Fry D, Iskander M, Abazah Y, Aboseria A, Alshamah R, Alshamah J, Mooney SJ, Maestre G, Lovasi GS, Patel V, Al-Aswad LA

Measuring changes in neighborhood disorder using Google Street View longitudinal imagery: a feasibility study.
Cities Health 7(5): 823-829
Gullón P, Fry D, Plascak JJ, Mooney SJ, Lovasi GS

Identifying Rare Circumstances Preceding Female Firearm Suicides: Validating A Large Language Model Approach.
(2023 Oct 17)
JMIR Ment Health 10(): e49359
Zhou W, Prater LC, Goldstein EV, Mooney SJ

Pediatric emergency department visits for pedestrian injuries in relation to the enactment of Complete Streets policy.
Front Public Health 11(): 1183997
Wells JM, Yi H, Yang J, Mooney SJ, Quistberg A, Leonard JC

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