Joel D Kaufman

Professor, Epidemiology
Professor, Env. and Occ. Health Sciences
Professor, Medicine - General Internal Medicine



MD University of Michigan, 1986
MPH Environmental Health, University of Washington, 1990



Box 354695
4225 Roosevelt Way NE
Suite 302
Seattle, WA 98105

Research Interests

Environmental and occupational epidemiology, health effects of diesel exhaust exposures, environmental factors in cardiovascular and respiratory disease, occupational asthma, traffic-related air pollution and environmental health

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Hypertension and Stroke as Mediators of Air Pollution Exposure and Incident Dementia.
(2023 Sep 5)
JAMA Netw Open 6(9): e2333470
Zhang B, Langa KM, Weuve J, D'Souza J, Szpiro A, Faul J, Mendes de Leon C, Kaufman JD, Lisabeth L, Hirth RA, Adar SD

Ambient fine particulate matter and breast cancer incidence in a large prospective US cohort.
(2023 Sep 11)
J Natl Cancer Inst
White AJ, Fisher JA, Sweeney MR, Freedman ND, Kaufman JD, Silverman DT, Jones RR

Ambient Air Pollutants and Olfaction among Women 50-79 Years of Age from the Sister Study.
(2023 Aug)
Environ Health Perspect 131(8): 87012
Cao Z, Yang A, White AJ, Purdy F, Li C, Luo Z, D'Aloisio AA, Suarez L, Deming-Halverson S, Pinto JM, Chen JC, Werder EJ, Kaufman JD, Sandler DP, Chen H

Comparison of Particulate Air Pollution From Different Emission Sources and Incident Dementia in the US.
(2023 Aug 14)
JAMA Intern Med
Zhang B, Weuve J, Langa KM, D'Souza J, Szpiro A, Faul J, Mendes de Leon C, Gao J, Kaufman JD, Sheppard L, Lee J, Kobayashi LC, Hirth R, Adar SD

Indoor Pollution and Lung Function Decline in Current and Former Smokers: SPIROMICS AIR.
(2023 Jul 31)
Am J Respir Crit Care Med
Hansel NN, Woo H, Koehler K, Gassett A, Paulin LM, Alexis N, Putcha N, Lorizio W, Fawzy A, Belz D, Sack C, Barr RG, Martinez FJ, Han MK, Woodruff P, Pirozzi C, Paine Iii R, Barjaktarevic I, Cooper CB, Ortega V, Zusman M, Kaufman J

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