Polly A. Newcomb

Research Professor Emeritus, Epidemiology



PhD Epidemiology, University of Washington, 1986
MPH Epidemiology, University of Washington, 1982



Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Box 358080 (M4-B402)
1100 Fairview Avenue N., M4-B402
Seattle, WA 98109

Research Areas

Research Interests

My interests are the identification of modifiable risk factors for common cancers--colorectal, breast, and endometrium. Increasingly, my work has focused on better characterizing individuals at risk because of the joint presentation of environmental and genetic factors. Over the past 20 years, I have conducted several large population based case-control studies of cancer etiology. Cases enrolled in these studies now form the basis for cohorts to examine factors associated with survivorship. I am also interested in the observational evaluations of screening efficacy.

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Body size and risk of colorectal cancer molecular defined subtypes and pathways: Mendelian randomization analyses.
(2024 Feb 12)
EBioMedicine 101(): 105010
Papadimitriou N, Qu C, Harrison TA, Bever AM, Martin RM, Tsilidis KK, Newcomb PA, Thibodeau SN, Newton CC, Um CY, Obón-Santacana M, Moreno V, Brenner H, Mandic M, Chang-Claude J, Hoffmeister M, Pellatt AJ, Schoen RE, Harlid S, Ogino S, Ugai T, Buchanan DD, Lynch BM, Gruber SB, Cao Y, Hsu L, Huyghe JR, Lin Y, Steinfelder RS, Sun W, Van Guelpen B, Zaidi SH, Toland AE, Berndt SI, Huang WY, Aglago EK, Drew DA, French AJ, Georgeson P, Giannakis M, Hullar M, Nowak JA, Thomas CE, Le Marchand L, Cheng I, Gallinger S, Jenkins MA, Gunter MJ, Campbell PT, Peters U, Song M, Phipps AI, Murphy N

Dietary Factors Differ Between Young-Onset and Older-Onset Colorectal Cancer Patients.
(2024 Feb 12)
Nutr Cancer
Burnett-Hartman AN, Ton M, He Q, Malen RC, Potter JD, Reedy AM, Phipps AI, Newcomb PA

Colorectal cancer pre-diagnostic symptoms are associated with anatomic cancer site.
(2024 Feb 6)
BMC Gastroenterol 24(1): 65
Briggs NL, Ton M, Malen RC, Reedy AM, Cohen SA, Phipps AI, Burnett-Hartman AN, Newcomb PA

Association between circulating inflammatory markers and adult cancer risk: a Mendelian randomization analysis.
(2024 Feb)
EBioMedicine 100(): 104991
Yarmolinsky J, Robinson JW, Mariosa D, Karhunen V, Huang J, Dimou N, Murphy N, Burrows K, Bouras E, Smith-Byrne K, Lewis SJ, Galesloot TE, Kiemeney LA, Vermeulen S, Martin P, Albanes D, Hou L, Newcomb PA, White E, Wolk A, Wu AH, Le Marchand L, Phipps AI, Buchanan DD, International Lung Cancer Consortium, PRACTICAL Consortium, Zhao SS, Gill D, Chanock SJ, Purdue MP, Davey Smith G, Brennan P, Herzig KH, Järvelin MR, Amos CI, Hung RJ, Dehghan A, Johansson M, Gunter MJ, Tsilidis KK, Martin RM

Prevalence and correlates of post-diagnosis alcohol use among cancer survivors.
(2024 Jan 31)
Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev
Heffner JL, Ton M, Jones SMW, Malen RC, Cohen SA, Newcomb PA

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