School of Public Health


Adjunct Faculty

A title extended only to a regular or research faculty member who holds a primary appointment in another department at the University of Washington. These adjunct faculty members frequently teach, mentor, and collaborate on research and service with faculty, staff, and students within the department.

Ruanne Barnabas Adjunct Associate Professor
DPhil (University of Oxford), MSc (University of Oxford)
HIV treatment and prevention, sexually transmitted infections, mathematical modeling of infectious diseases, health economic modeling
Wendy Barrington Adjunct Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of New Mexico), BS (Stanford University)
social determinants and health disparities; neighborhood effects; advanced methods including mediation analyses and GIS mapping; stress and related mental health outcomes; and obesity and cancer.
Edward J. Boyko Adjunct Professor
MD (University of Pittsburgh), MPH (University of Washington)
Diabetes mellitus Diagnostic test methodology Obesity Visceral adiposity
Gerard A. Cangelosi Adjunct Professor
PhD (University of California (Davis))
Infectious disease exposure and diagnosis, focusing on tuberculosis and related diseases
Corey Casper Adjunct Professor
MD (Cornell University), MPH (University of Washington)
Epidemiology; natural history; treatment of infections with human herpes virus 8 (also known as HHV-8, Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpes virus or KSHV)
Connie Celum Adjunct Professor
MD (University of California (San Francisco)), MPH (University of Washington)
HIV prevention; microbicide; vaccine trials with the objective to find effective strategies to reduce HIV acquisition and transmission.
Eric J. Chow Adjunct Assistant Professor
MD (University of California - San Francisco), MPH (University of California - Berkeley)
Childhood cancer, bone marrow transplantation, cancer survivorship (all ages), cardiovascular disease, lifestyle modification
Helen Y. Chu Adjunct Assistant Professor
MPH (University of Washington), MD (Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC)
Maternal immunization, in particular vaccines against influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)
Michael H. Chung Adjunct Associate Professor
MD (University of Chicago), MPH (Harvard University)
HIV care and treatment in resource-limited settings; antiretroviral adherence; cervical cancer screening and treatment; HIV antiretroviral adherence; implementation science and program management; distance learning
Ian H. de Boer Adjunct Professor
MD (Oregon Health & Science University), MS (University of Washington)

Julia Dombrowski Adjunct Associate Professor
MD (Duke University), MPH (University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill))

Paul K Drain Adjunct Assistant Professor
MD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Washington)
Infectious diseases Improve the diagnosis and treatment for tuberculosis, HIV, and HIV-related opportunistic infections
Alison Drake
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Michigan)

Jeffrey Duchin Adjunct Professor
MD (Rutgers University)
Respiratory infections; vaccine-preventable diseases; surveillance systems; infectious diseases of public health significance
Beth E. Ebel Adjunct Professor
MD (Harvard University), MPH (University of Washington)

Jesse R. Fann Adjunct Professor
BS (Stanford University), MD (Northwestern University), MPH (University of Washington)
Epidemiology and health services implications; psychiatric epidemiology
James Floyd Adjunct Assistant Professor
MD (Duke University)
Drug safety, pharmacogenomics, and methods for using electronic health data in epidemiologic studies
Stephanie M. Fullerton Adjunct Associate Professor
DPhil (University of Oxford)
Research ethics questions in human genetics and genomics, with a particular emphasis on the role of genomics in the interrogation and address of ethnic health disparities
Stephen S. Gloyd Adjunct Professor
MD (University of Chicago), MPH (Harvard University)

Matthew Golden Adjunct Professor
MPH (Johns Hopkins University), MD (Johns Hopkins University)
Prevention and control of sexually transmitted infections (STI), including HIV
Steven M. Goodreau Adjunct Professor
PhD (Pennsylvania State University), MA (Pennsylvania State University)
HIV, sexual networks, mathematical modeling, men who have sex with men (MSM)
Susan M. Graham Adjunct Associate Professor
PhD (University of Toronto (Canada)), MD (McGill University (Canada)), MPH (Boston University)
HIV and STD epidemiology, prevention, and care in Kenya and the US, with a focus on key or high-risk populations.
Therese M. Grant Adjunct Professor
PhD (University of Washington)
Principal investigator of the Parent-Child Assistance Program, an intervention model working effectively with high-risk mothers who abuse alcohol and drugs during pregnancy
Jodie K. Haselkorn Adjunct Professor
MD (Louisiana State University), MPH (University of Michigan)
Health services for individuals with disabilities Quality of life Low back problems Multiple sclerosis
Jane Hitti Adjunct Professor
MD (University of Vermont), MPH (University of Washington)
Infectious diseases in pregnancy and preterm labor
King K. Holmes Adjunct Professor
MD (Cornell University)
Global health; internal medicine; infectious diseases with research on HIV/AIDS and STDs; clinical epidemiology; microbiology; clinical trials; HIV/STD prevention research
Philippe P. Hujoel Adjunct Professor
PhD (University of Washington), DDS (Free University of Brussels), MS (University of Michigan)
The adverse impact of smoking and carbohydrates on dental and systemic diseases; the diagnosis, etiology, treatment and prognosis of dental diseases; lower face variability as a marker for obesity and tuberculosis susceptibility; determinants for left-handedness
Gail Pairitz Jarvik Adjunct Professor
MD (University of Iowa), PhD (University of Michigan)
Cardiovascular disease
Catherine Karr Adjunct Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MD (University of Washington)
Pediatric environmental health Air pollution Asthma Pesticides Global children's environmental health Farmworker health Community engaged research
Bryan R. Kestenbaum Adjunct Professor
MD (University of Massachusetts), MS (University of Washington)
Vascular calcification; kidney specific mechanisms for cardiovascular risk; mineral metabolism disturbances
Rozenn Lemaitre Adjunct Research Associate Professor
PhD (Montana State University)
Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sudden cardiac arrest, fatty acids, lipidomics, nutrition
William T. Longstreth, Jr. Adjunct Professor
MD (University of Pennsylvania), MPH (University of Washington)
Neuroepidemiology; cerebrovascular disease
Michael D. Martin Adjunct Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MSD (University of Washington)
The epidemiology of mercury exposure in dentistry; oral mucosal disease; oro-facial pain
Ali Mokdad Adjunct Professor
PhD (Emory University)
Chronic Diseases; obesity; surveillance; survey methodology; emergency and refugee health
Masa Narita Adjunct Professor
MD (Keio University (Japan))
Clinical and public health aspects of tuberculosis (TB diagnosis, treatment, infection control, epidemiology, and health care delivery)
Donald L. Patrick Adjunct Professor
PhD (Columbia University), MSPH (Columbia University)

Steven A. Pergam Adjunct Associate Professor
MD (University of Nebraska), MPH (University of Washington)
Prevention of infections in patients with cancer, transplant recipients and other immunocompromised populations.
Michael Porter Adjunct Associate Professor
MS (University of Washington), MD (University of Iowa)
Urologic oncology; bladder cancer screening
Peter Rabinowitz Adjunct Associate Professor
MD (University of Washington), MPH (Yale University)
Zoonotic infectious disease. Whole genome approach to infections. Diseases of animal workers. Microbiome interactions sharing between humans and animals. Emerging infectious disease. Antimicrobial resistance. Animal sentinels of environmental health hazards. One Health. Noise and hearing loss.
Kerryn W. Reding Adjunct Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Michigan), BSN (Seattle Pacific University), BS Zoology (Arizona State University)
Reducing cancer incidence and recurrence, with particular interests in lifestyle interventions and biomarkers of risk, as well as reducing racial disparities in breast cancer
Susan D. Reed Adjunct Professor
MD (University of Washington), MS (Sarah Lawrence College), MPH (University of Washington)
Women's mid-life health Hormonally sensitive tumors
Isaac Rhew Adjunct Research Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Washington)
Psychiatric epidemiology; substance use; social epidemiology; epidemiologic methods; applied statistics
Frederick P. Rivara Adjunct Professor
MD (University of Pennsylvania), MPH (University of Washington)
Injury control and prevention, especially concussions and gun violence
Alison Roxby
MD (University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)), MSc (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (UK))
HIV and Women; family planning and HIV risk; genital immunology; prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV
Kenneth Sherr Adjunct Associate Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Washington)
Systems Analysis and Improvement Approaches; Implementation Science;Primary Health Care; Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs
Jennifer Slyker Adjunct Assistant Professor
PhD (Open University)
Herpes virus (EBV/CMV) co-infections in HIV-1 infected women and infants, T cell immunology, pediatric HIV testing.
Jodi M. Smith Adjunct Associate Professor
MDCM (McGill University (Canada)), MPH (University of Washington)
Viral infection associated with the development of chronic allograft nephropathy in pediatric renal transplant patients
Nona Sotoodehnia Adjunct Associate Professor
MPH (Harvard School of Public Health), MD (Harvard Medical School)
Etiology of cardiovascular disease, with a focus on arrhythmias
Joanne D. Stekler Adjunct Associate Professor
MD (Duke University), MPH (University of Washington)
HIV testing; PHI
Andy S. Stergachis Adjunct Professor
PhD (University of Minnesota), MS (University of Minnesota)
Pharmacoepidemiology, global drug and vaccine safety, reproductive health, public health emergency preparedness and response
Nancy Stevens Adjunct Professor
MPH (University of Washington)
Clinical epidemiology; evidence-based practice
Debby W. Tsuang Adjunct Professor
MD (University of Iowa), MSc (University of Iowa)
Clinical-neuropathology of dementing disorders Psychosis in dementia genetics Endophenotypes of schizophrenia
Judd L. Walson Adjunct Associate Professor
MPH (Tufts University), MD (Tufts University)
Infectious disease; anti-helminthic therapy (treatment of intestinal worms) in adults with HIV; malaria parasitemia
Roland B. Walter Adjunct Associate Professor
MD (University of Zurich (Switzerland)), PhD (University of Washington)
Acute myeloid leukemia CD33 Immunotherapy of AML Clinical trials in AM Measurable residual disease (MRD) Predictive modeling
Judith Wasserheit Adjunct Professor
MD (Harvard University)
Sexually transmitted disease (STD) research, policy development, and program implementation
Bessie Young Mielcarek Adjunct Professor
MPH (University of Washington), MD (University of Washington)

Danielle Zerr Adjunct Professor
MD (Temple University), MPH (University of Washington)
epidemiology of healthcare-associated infectious diseases in children and immunocompromised hosts
Tuofu Zhu Adjunct Associate Professor
MD (Jiangxi University), PhD (Institute of Virology)
Pathogenesis of HIV infection with particular emphasis on the mechanisms for controlling HIV-1 and SIV at low levels in vivo
Joseph R. Zunt Adjunct Professor
MPH (University of Washington), MD (University of Minnesota)
Retroviral (HTLV-1 and -2, HIV) infections; infections of the nervous system; commercial sex work; pediatric/adolescent health in Peru