Theses & Dissertations

Graduate Degree Title Advisor
Saurya Dhungel MPH Association of Patient Characteristics with Risk of Rheumatic Heart Disease in First-Degree Relatives of Index Cases in Nepal Nona Sotoodehnia
Omar Bayomy MS Hemoptysis and serious outcomes in cystic fibrosis Susan R. Heckbert
Hongjie Chen PhD Genetics, Mammographic Density and Breast Cancer Risk Sara Lindstroem
Samantha LeDuc MPH Joint association between endogenous sex hormones, genetic risk factors, and incident venous thromboembolism in women Sara Lindstroem
Cameron Haas PhD The genetics of sex hormones and their effects on mammographic density in women Sara Lindstroem
Sneha P. Cherukuri MS An investigation of expression quantitative trait loci in interferon genes in childhood asthma using RNA-sequencing data Alison E. Fohner
Leif Layman MPH Adverse Childhood Experiences and Systemic Inflammation in Adults in the United States Anjum Hajat
Allison Black PhD Genomic epidemiology on the frontline: Inferring disease dynamics from pathogen genomes and supporting genomic analysis in applied public health settings. Trevor Bedford
Collette Ncube MS Sex-specific Associations of Maternal Birthweight with Offspring Birthweight in the Omega Study: The role of pre-pregnancy body mass index Daniel A. Enquobahrie
Ying Zhang MPH Birth-to-pregnancy intervals and adverse perinatal outcomes among African-born women in Washington State Daniel A. Enquobahrie
Kristina Jordahl PhD Pre-Diagnostic Genome-Wide DNA Methylation in Blood and Risk of Bladder Cancer
Tsegaselassie Workalemahu PhD Genetic Variations and Risk of Placental Abruption Daniel A. Enquobahrie
Jessica Williams-Nguyen PhD Role of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and host genetic variants in risk of myocardial infarction among people living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) Joseph (Chris) Delaney
Arianna Miles-Jay PhD Molecular epidemiology of the multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli sequence type 131-H30 lineage among U.S. Children Janet Baseman
Ronit Dalmat MPH Utility of next-generation sequencing for HIV antiretroviral resistance genotyping in a pragmatic clinical laboratory setting Anna Wald
Hang Yin MS Genetic variation in telomere maintenance genes and survival after colorectal cancer diagnosis Polly A. Newcomb
Paneen Petersen PhD Diet, inflammation, and genetic predictors of tissue-specific gene expression: A functionally-informed gene-environment interaction analysis for risk of colorectal cancer. Ulrike Peters
Catherine Troja MPH Serum Concentrations of Novel Vitamin D Biomarkers and Detection of Prevalent High-Risk HPV Infection Rachel L. Winer
Catherine Knott MPH Longitudinal Association between Greenspace and Type 2 Diabetes: Evidence from MESA Anjum Hajat
Yuekai Ji MS Genetic variation and natural anticoagulants Nicholas L. Smith
Xinwei Hua PhD Inflammatory Biomarkers, Genetics, and Survival among Colorectal Cancer Patients Polly A. Newcomb
Eliza Blanchette MS Eplet mismatches and de novo donor-specific antibody development in pediatric kidney transplant recipients Noel Weiss