Trevor Bedford

Affiliate Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Affiliate Associate Professor, Genome Sciences


PhD Biology, Harvard University, 2008
BA Biological Sciences, University of Chicago, 2002


Trevor Bedford is an Assistant Member at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center affiliated with the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division and with the Computational Biology Program.

Research Interests

Dr. Bedford works at the interface of evolution, epidemiology and immunology. His research applies computational and statistical methods to understand viral dynamics. He is interested in using pathogen sequence data to make detailed inferences of pathogen transmission patterns. Previous research has focused on understanding antigenic drift in influenza virus, geographic spread of Ebola and within-host evolution of HIV.

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Comparison of Symptoms and RNA Levels in Children and Adults With SARS-CoV-2 Infection in the Community Setting.
(2021 Jun 11)
JAMA Pediatr
Chung E, Chow EJ, Wilcox NC, Burstein R, Brandstetter E, Han PD, Fay K, Pfau B, Adler A, Lacombe K, Lockwood CM, Uyeki TM, Shendure J, Duchin JS, Rieder MJ, Nickerson DA, Boeckh M, Famulare M, Hughes JP, Starita LM, Bedford T, Englund JA, Chu HY

SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Interest and Concern naming scheme conducive for global discourse.
(2021 Jun 9)
Nat Microbiol
Konings F, Perkins MD, Kuhn JH, Pallen MJ, Alm EJ, Archer BN, Barakat A, Bedford T, Bhiman JN, Caly L, Carter LL, Cullinane A, de Oliveira T, Druce J, El Masry I, Evans R, Gao GF, Gorbalenya AE, Hamblion E, Herring BL, Hodcroft E, Holmes EC, Kakkar M, Khare S, Koopmans MPG, Korber B, Leite J, MacCannell D, Marklewitz M, Maurer-Stroh S, Rico JAM, Munster VJ, Neher R, Munnink BO, Pavlin BI, Peiris M, Poon L, Pybus O, Rambaut A, Resende P, Subissi L, Thiel V, Tong S, van der Werf S, von Gottberg A, Ziebuhr J, Van Kerkhove MD

Recombination patterns in coronaviruses.
(2021 Apr 28)
Müller NF, Kistler KE, Bedford T

Viral genomes reveal patterns of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in Washington State.
(2021 May 26)
Sci Transl Med 13(595):
Müller NF, Wagner C, Frazar CD, Roychoudhury P, Lee J, Moncla LH, Pelle B, Richardson M, Ryke E, Xie H, Shrestha L, Addetia A, Rachleff VM, Lieberman NAP, Huang ML, Gautom R, Melly G, Hiatt B, Dykema P, Adler A, Brandstetter E, Han PD, Fay K, Ilcisin M, Lacombe K, Sibley TR, Truong M, Wolf CR, Boeckh M, Englund JA, Famulare M, Lutz BR, Rieder MJ, Thompson M, Duchin JS, Starita LM, Chu HY, Shendure J, Jerome KR, Lindquist S, Greninger AL, Nickerson DA, Bedford T

A remote household-based approach to influenza self-testing and antiviral treatment.
(2021 Jul)
Influenza Other Respir Viruses 15(4): 469-477
Heimonen J, McCulloch DJ, O'Hanlon J, Kim AE, Emanuels A, Wilcox N, Brandstetter E, Stewart M, McCune D, Fry S, Parsons S, Hughes JP, Jackson ML, Uyeki TM, Boeckh M, Starita LM, Bedford T, Englund JA, Chu HY

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