Ulrike Peters

Research Professor, Epidemiology



PhD Nutrition, University of Kiel (Germany), 1998
MPH Epidemiology, University of North Carolina, 1999



Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Box 358080
1100 Fairview Ave N,M4-B402
PO Box 1024
Seattle, WA 98109

Research Interests

My research interest centers on the genetic and molecular epidemiology of common complex diseases, including cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, as well as intermediate traits, including inflammation and metabolic measurements. Within well characterized and diverse study populations, we are studying the impact of common and rare genetic variants across the entire genome, as well as interactions between genetic variants and environmental factors (such as diet, exercise, smoking and aspirin use). We are increasingly bringing in functional genomic data to inform gene-environment interactions as well as rare variant testing. In addition, we are conducting a large-scale study to integrate the tumor and host genome to investigate associations of germline genetic, environmental risk factors and survival in relation to colorectal cancer subtypes defined by existing tumor characteristics as well as novel somatic mutations in colorectal cancer. A further interest of us is the translation of our findings into public health practice and clinical care. Accordingly, we have developed comprehensive risk prediction models that can personalize screening decisions.

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Methylation patterns associated with C-reactive protein in racially and ethnically diverse populations.
(2024 Dec)
Epigenetics 19(1): 2333668
Lundin JI, Peters U, Hu Y, Ammous F, Avery CL, Benjamin EJ, Bis JC, Brody JA, Carlson C, Cushman M, Gignoux C, Guo X, Haessler J, Haiman C, Joehanes R, Kasela S, Kenny E, Lapalainien T, Levy D, Liu C, Liu Y, Loos RJF, Lu A, Matise T, North KE, Park SL, Ratliff SM, Reiner A, Rich SS, Rotter JI, Smith JA, Sotoodehnia N, Tracy R, Van den Berg D, Xu H, Ye T, Zhao W, Raffield LM, Kooperberg C, PAGE Study

Genetic risk impacts the association of menopausal hormone therapy with colorectal cancer risk.
(2024 Apr 1)
Br J Cancer
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Unveiling challenges in Mendelian randomization for gene-environment interaction.
(2024 Feb 29)
Genet Epidemiol
Gorfine M, Qu C, Peters U, Hsu L

Selection, optimization and validation of ten chronic disease polygenic risk scores for clinical implementation in diverse US populations.
(2024 Feb)
Nat Med 30(2): 480-487
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Body size and risk of colorectal cancer molecular defined subtypes and pathways: Mendelian randomization analyses.
(2024 Mar)
EBioMedicine 101(): 105010
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