Student Academic Services

John Paulson

Assistant Director of SAS

Phone: (206) 685-1762

John manages SAS and oversees and participates in student advising and recruitment across all programs, plans and leads programmatic services for current students, facilitates the overall admission process, and supervises SAS staff.

Kevin Schuda

Curriculum & Student Services Specialist

Phone: (206) 543-6302

Kevin serves as the main support individual for all aspects of curriculum, the UW Time Schedule, course evaluations, and grading. In addition, Kevin also contributes to student advising, recruitment, admissions, Visit-Days, and student orientation activities.

Julie Nevins

Systems Analyst


Julie manages student and alumni records, student progress tracking and degree audits, and program data reporting. She also assists with student advising, recruitment, admissions, and orientation activities.

Stephen Schwartz

Graduate Program Director

Phone: (206) 685-1799

Steve oversees the strategic and programmatic activities of Student Academic Services (SAS), directing and participating in current and prospective student advising, admissions, and recruitment. He also consults on the development of curriculum.

Nick Smith

Graduate Program Associate Director

Phone: (206) 221-5477

Nick supports the Graduate Program Director in overseeing all the strategic and programmatic activities of SAS and participates in current and prospective student advising, admissions, recruitment. He also consults on the development of curriculum.