School of Public Health


Clinical Faculty

A title conferred at the appropriate professorial rank, usually to someone with a primary appointment with an outside agency or nonacademic unit of the University, or in private practice. Clinical faculty make substantial contributions to the Department of Epidemiology’s programs through their expertise, interest, and motivation to work with the faculty in preparing and assisting with the instruction of students in practicum settings. Clinical faculty in the Department of Epidemiology usually have a degree in epidemiology or specific training in epidemiology.

Susan Barkan Clinical Assistant Professor
PhD (Yale University)
Elimination of disparities in health and wellness; social determinants of health; parent and child health; intervention research and evaluation; child welfare.
Nadine L. Chan Clinical Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Washington)
Evaluation of public health interventions, policies, and systems; practice-based research; disparities assessment; social epidemiology
David Fleming Clinical Associate Professor
MD (State University of New York)
HIV and sexually transmitted diseases; health promotion and chronic disease prevention; environmental, occupational and injury epidemiology; and vital records and community assessment
James A. Gaudino Clinical Associate Professor
MD (University of California (Davis)), MS (California State University, Northridge), MPH (University of California (Berkeley))
Maternal, infant, child, adolescent and family health; health care transformation, health care reform outcome and quality improvement research.
Marcia J. Goldoft Clinical Assistant Professor
MS (University of Washington), MPH (Rutgers University), MD (Case Western Reserve University)
Acute communicable disease epidemiology for public health practice.
Jennifer Jacobs Clinical Assistant Professor
MPH (University of Washington), MD (Wayne State University)
Global Health Alternative Medicine Primary Health Care Childhood Infectious Disease
John M. Kobayashi Clinical Associate Professor
MD (Stanford University), MPH (Harvard University)
Infectious diseases
Brianna M. Mills Clinical Assistant Professor

Robert E. Quick Clinical Assistant Professor
MD (University of California (San Francisco)), MPH (University of California (Berkeley)), MS (University of California (Berkeley))
Diarrheal prevention in developing world
Christopher E. Spitters Clinical Professor
MD (Stanford University), MPH (Johns Hopkins University), MA (Tufts University)
Diagnosis, treatment and control of tuberculosis
Laurie K. Stewart Clinical Instructor
MS (University of Hawaii)
Foodborne disease epidemiology and foodborne outbreak investigation methods.
Jeffrey H. Sullivan Clinical Assistant Professor
MD (University of Minnesota), MHS (Johns Hopkins University)
Clinical Epidemiology/ Infectious disease epidemiology pertaining to respiratory infections and immunizations
Eva Y. Wong Clinical Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MS (University of Washington)