Theses & Dissertations

Graduate Degree Title Advisor
Patricia Vu MPH Elevated body mass index, dementia risk, and post-mortem neuropathology Walter A. Kukull
Lauren Pollack MS Factors associated with costly and potentially burdensome hospital care among patients with dementia and respiratory failure Noel Weiss
Justy Chiramal MS Can Artificial Intelligence based Automated CT Brain Interpretation Software help Early Clinical Decision Making for Stroke Patients in Real World Resource Limited Settings with Non-Specialist Physicians? An Interrupted Time Series Study from Tezpur, Assam, India Steve J. Mooney
Ronit Dalmat PhD Cumulative Risk of Colorectal Cancer and Colorectal Cancer Mortality in Screen-Eligible Older Adults with History of Adequate Screening Jessica Chubak
Sarah Yarborough MPH Evaluation of Cognitive Function in the Dog Aging Project: Associations with Baseline Canine Characteristics Annette L. Fitzpatrick
Phillip Hwang PhD Making Sense of Brain Aging: Hearing and Visual Impairments, Ophthalmic Conditions, and Risk of Dementia in Older Adults Annette L. Fitzpatrick
Jovana Martin MPH Racial Disparities in the Utilization of Preventive Health Service among Older Women with Early Stage Endometrial Cancer Enrolled in Medicare Melissa A. Schiff
Elyse Kadokura MPH Using GPS data to explore demographic predictors of life-space: a pooled analysis Mandy Fretts
Willa D. Brenowitz PhD Prevalence of mixed neuropathologies in autopsied older adults and associations with clinical disease progression Walter A. Kukull
Lauren Strand MS New statin use and left ventricular structure: estimating long-term associations in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) Joseph (Chris) Delaney
Sanju Bhattarai MPH Influence of household remittance on childhood stunting in Nepal Annette L. Fitzpatrick
Erin Morgan MS Cholinesterase Inhibitors and Neuropathology of Cerebrovascular Disease and Other Dementias in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease: A Study of NACC Autopsy and Medical History Data, 2005 – 2017 Walter A. Kukull
Jessica Culhane MS Plasma Amyloid, Inflammatory Markers, and Risk of Dementia in the Ginkgo Evaluation of Memory Study Annette L. Fitzpatrick
Ang Li MS Transplant-Associated Thrombotic Microangiopathy (TA-TMA) is a Multifactorial Disease Unresponsive to Immunosuppressant Withdrawal Noel Weiss
Robert Lee MS POLST-Discordant Intensive Care Near the End of Life: A Retrospective Cohort Study Noel Weiss