School of Public Health

PhD Students

This page will serve as your guide, in combination with faculty and Epi SAS advising, as you navigate through your degree program. 

Effective for Winter and Spring quarters 2021: PhD exams, both General and Final, can be conducted remotely by all committee members and the student and it is not required that a proctor be present with the student for exams conducted remotely.


Student Handbooks are no longer being published. All information previously contained in the Handbook can now be found in the modules of the Epi Students Canvas site. The PhD Student Handbook describes the department's academic requirements and policies. You'll find course requirements, dissertation information, and lots of other resources available to you. Be sure to refer to the handbook from the year you entered the degree you're currently pursuing.

Degree Requirements

The Degree Requirements Checklist is your guide to the curricular and non-curricular requirements of your specific Epi degree program. Be sure to refer to the checklist from the year you entered the degree you're currently pursuing.

Your Dissertation

Proposal Requirements
Short Proposal | Long Proposal

Scheduling Your Final Exam 
We have put together some resources to help you as you prepare for and schedule your final exam. Topics include room scheduling, advertising the defense, room configuration, and how to get free parking and refreshments for your committee.

Course Waivers and Substitutions

Waiver and Substitution Form