Travel Awards

Travel awards are available to support travel for Epi students presenting a paper or poster at a major conference in the field. The funds can help you defray some conference registration and travel costs.

Additionally, Epi doctoral candidates are eligible to request funds related to expenses associated with traveling out of the Seattle area for activities related to their dissertation work. Note that Epi doctoral candidates are eligible for only one travel award per year (i.e., either one conference-related travel award, or one dissertation-related travel award).

If you are working on a funded project, first talk with your supervisor and/or advisor and request that your expenses be covered by the project before requesting funds from the department.

In addition to travel awards from the Department of Epidemiology, the Graduate School has supplemental funds to support students presenting at a conference, specifically for transportation costs and registration fees — these funds must be requested by the Department. Students presenting at a conference who first receive an Epi Travel Award will subsequently be submitted for consideration of a Graduate School travel award. Graduate School conference funds are not eligible for dissertation-related travel expenses. Questions should be addressed to the Epi Administrator, DJ Miller.

To apply for an award, please fill out the Student Travel Request Form and email the completed form to the Epi Administrator, DJ Miller.


  • August 15 for travel between October 1 and January 31
  • November 15 for travel between January 1 and April 30
  • February 10 for travel between April 1 and July 31
  • May 15 for travel between July 1 and October 31

Doctoral candidates requesting dissertation-support travel funds should apply by the deadline above that best corresponds to their expected dates of activity.

Decisions generally follow the pattern below:

  • Student must be registered during academic quarter of travel.
  • Up to $200 of expenses reimbursed for regional conferences held in the NW (reached by driving or by train) where the student is presenting a paper or poster.  Priority given to PhD students.
  • Up to $500 of expenses reimbursed for a national/international conference out of the region where the student is presenting a paper or poster. Priority given to PhD students.
  • Up to $500 of expenses for doctoral candidates working out of the region for dissertation-related work.  Due to limited funds, the department is not currently able to provide travel funding to master’s students for thesis-related work.
  • Maximum of one travel award per student, per year (July 1 – June 30).  In cases when the number of travel requests exceeds available funding, the department will take into consideration the number of awards a student has received in previous years.

As a stipulation of receiving a travel award in support of presenting at a conference, and in order to help promote awareness of student participation at professional meetings, recipients are asked to post details of their conference attendance via the appropriate social media options within the Department of Epidemiology.  This can be coordinated with Epi’s Communications Team via

Reimbursement requests must be initiated within 30 days of travel, otherwise the award may be rescinded to provide travel resources to another student. Contact Epi Travel Support ( for reimbursements.