Travel Awards

Travel awards are available to support travel for Epi students presenting a paper or poster at a major conference in the field. The funds can help you defray some conference registration and travel costs.

Additionally, Epi doctoral candidates are eligible to request funds related to expenses associated with traveling out of the Seattle area for activities related to their dissertation work. Note that Epi doctoral candidates are eligible for only one travel award per year (i.e., either one conference-related travel award, or one dissertation-related travel award).

If you are working on a funded project, first talk with your supervisor and/or advisor and request that your expenses be covered by the project before requesting funds from the department.

In addition to travel awards from the Department of Epidemiology, the Graduate School has supplemental funds to support students presenting at a conference, specifically for transportation costs and registration fees — these funds must be requested by the Department. Students presenting at a conference who first receive an Epi Travel Award will subsequently be submitted for consideration of a Graduate School travel award. Graduate School conference funds are not eligible for dissertation-related travel expenses. Questions should be addressed to the Epi Administrator, DJ Miller.