Find an RA Position

Research assistantships (RAs) provide funding for a significant number of both new and continuing students. As is the case with funding in general, a higher percentage of PhD students will be supported through RA positions than Master’s students. Most students who secure RA positions find them through faculty within the Department of Epidemiology. However, some of our students have had success securing RA positions in other departments at the School of Public Health. For instance, the START Center, housed in the Department of Global Health, hires 3-5 new Epi students as RA’s each year. Some students find positions across the University outside of the School of Public Health, and outside the UW at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and Seattle Children’s Hospital. We encourage you to explore those possibilities and are happy to help you make those connections if possible.

Research assistantships (RAs) are appointed by individual faculty members with available funding and paid directly through the UW. Although many positions are matched to second year masters and doctoral students, all interested students are welcome to apply. You must be a full-time student to be eligible.

To find an RA position, start by talking with Epidemiology core faculty with research interests similar to your own. In addition to core faculty, some students have found RA positions with adjunct and affiliate faculty. You may consider reviewing the bio information and abstracts of articles on PubMed written by faculty members who interest you. The NIH Reporter tool can also be a helpful resource for identifying current research being done by faculty.

Current RA openings: 

RA with Dr. Jeanie Santaularia
Autumn Quarter ’24 (9/16/24-12/15/24)
25% FTE (1 position)
Project: PHI
Application Deadline: 8/2/24 at 5pm via form


Submit a separate application form for each course you wish to apply for.


Other current, publicly-advertised funding opportunities from across the School of Public Health are listed on the SPH Student Funding and Opportunities webpage (UW NetID required).

Epidemiology faculty with appointments at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (FHCC) and Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (KPWA) are also able to hire RAs through the UW system, so you receive the same benefits as UW RAs. At the FHCC site, you can enter your research area and contact investigators and lab directors with similar interests. For KPWA, contact Dr. Jessica Chubak at

Some students have success finding RA positions in other UW Labs and Research Centers.