School of Public Health

The Student Experience

PhD Student Profiles

Maayan Simckes

Program: Epidemiology, PhD

Research Topic: The "militarization" of law enforcement and use of lethal force

Vivian Lyons

Program: Epidemiology, PhD
Research Interest: Injury and maternal and child health

Phillip Hwang

Program: Epidemiology, PhD

Research Interest: Translational research, specifically Alzheimer’s

Lauren Schwartz

Program: Epidemiology, PhD and F31 Grant Winner
Research Project: The F31 grant focuses on an ongoing project to determine the reasons that rotavirus vaccine effectiveness in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia is only 40-60% compared to 90% in the U.S. and Europe.

MS Student Profiles

Sophie Mayer

Program: Epidemiology, MS
Research Interest: Clinical cancer epidemiology and pharmacogenetics


MPH Student Profiles

Irene Njuguna

Program: Epidemiology, MPH
Research Interest: Pediatric HIV

Molly Feder

Program: Epidemiology, MPH (MCH track)
Research Interest: Family planning, reproductive health, HPV

Alumni Profiles

Emily Mosites

Program: Epidemiology, PhD
Research Interest: Infectious Disease

Lu Chen

Program: Epidemiology, PhD
Research Interest: Etiology of cancer and cancer survivorship

Kathryn Curran

A month after earning her degree, Kathryn Curran (2013) started consulting for the World Health Organization's HIV department in Geneva.

Greg Calip

Program: Epidemiology, PhD
Research Interest: Pharmacoepidemiology and cancer epidemiology

Marielle Goyette

Program: Epidemiology, PhD
Research Interest: HIV partner services

Linda Oseso

Program: Epidemiology, MPH
Research Interest: The intersection between HIV and mental health in African adolescents