Marie Spiker

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Env. and Occ. Health Sciences



PhD Human Nutrition, Johns Hopkins University, 2019
RDN Johns Hopkins University, 2014
BS Public Health, University of Washington, 2011
BA Anthropology, University of Washington, 2011



Box 353410
Nutritional Sciences Program
Raitt Hall
Seattle, WA 98195
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What would it look like to equitably nourish a growing global population? More importantly, how do we get there – which inputs have more leverage within complex systems, and what evidence do decision-makers need in order to support public health? Dr. Marie Spiker approaches public health nutrition research through a food systems lens that recognizes the need for transdisciplinary and multisectoral collaboration. She draws from training in quantitative and qualitative methods and systems science, as well as her training as a registered dietitian nutritionist. Her professional practice experience includes work with municipal food policy and capacity building within the profession of nutrition and dietetics.

Research Interests

  • Public health nutrition
  • Sustainable food systems
  • Food loss and waste
  • Value chains for nutrition
  • Systems modeling of food supply chains
  • Capacity building within nutrition and dietetics

Recent Publications (PubMed)

When increasing vegetable production may worsen food availability gaps: A simulation model in India.
(2023 Apr)
Food Policy 116(): 102416
Spiker ML, Welling J, Hertenstein D, Mishra S, Mishra K, Hurley KM, Neff RA, Fanzo J, Lee BY

COVID-19, Climate Change, and Conflict in Honduras: A food system disruption analysis.
(2023 Jun)
Glob Food Sec 37(): 100693
Lara-Arévalo J, Escobar-Burgos L, Moore ERH, Neff R, Spiker ML

Food systems governance should be preceded by food systems diplomacy.
(2022 Sep)
Nat Food 3(9): 667-670
Garg DH, Spiker ML, Clark JK, Reynolds C, Otten JJ

Food security and food access during the COVID-19 pandemic: Impacts, adaptations, and looking ahead.
(2023 Feb)
JPEN J Parenter Enteral Nutr 47 Suppl 1(): S11-S15
Otten JJ, Averill MM, Spiker ML

Sustainable food systems and diets in dietetic training standards: an international content analysis.
(2023 Jun)
J Hum Nutr Diet 36(3): 957-966
Higgins M, Strother H, Burkhart S, Carlsson L, Meyer NL, Spiker M, Wegener J

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