Elizabeth Kirk

Associate Teaching Professor, Epidemiology



PhD Nutritional Science, University of Washington, 1994



Box 353410
Seattle, WA

Research Areas

Research Interests

My interests include contributors to chronic disease states, such as dietary and inflammatory influences, as well as sports nutrition.

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Development and validation of the Body Understanding Measure for Pregnancy Scale (BUMPS) and its role in antenatal attachment.
(2019 Sep)
Psychol Assess 31(9): 1092-1106
Kirk E, Preston C

The mindedness of maternal touch: An investigation of maternal mind-mindedness and mother-infant touch interactions.
(2019 Feb)
Dev Cogn Neurosci 35(): 47-56
Crucianelli L, Wheatley L, Filippetti ML, Jenkinson PM, Kirk E, Fotopoulou AK

Gesture Facilitates Children's Creative Thinking.
(2017 Feb)
Psychol Sci 28(2): 225-232
Kirk E, Lewis C

A longitudinal investigation of the relationship between maternal mind-mindedness and theory of mind.
(2015 Nov)
Br J Dev Psychol 33(4): 434-45
Kirk E, Pine K, Wheatley L, Howlett N, Schulz J, Fletcher BC

Optimization of Vitamin D Status After Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery in Obese Patients Living in Northern Climate.
(2015 Dec)
Obes Surg 25(12): 2321-7
Chan LN, Neilson CH, Kirk EA, Colovos TF, Javelli DR, Khandelwal S

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