Heather Greenlee

Adjunct Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Associate Professor, Medicine - Oncology





Recent Publications (PubMed)

Risk of Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Women With and Without a History of Breast Cancer: The Pathways Heart Study.
(2022 Jan 13)
J Clin Oncol
Kwan ML, Cheng RK, Iribarren C, Neugebauer R, Rana JS, Nguyen-Huynh M, Shi Z, Laurent CA, Lee VS, Roh JM, Shen H, Rillamas-Sun E, Santiago-Torres M, Hershman DL, Kushi LH, Greenlee H

Cognitive Functioning and Health in Hispanic/Latina Breast Cancer Survivors.
(2021 Oct 28)
J Immigr Minor Health
Marín-Chollom AM, Hale C, Koch P, Gaffney AO, Contento I, Shen H, Hershman DL, Brickman AM, Greenlee H

¡Mi Vida Saludable! A randomized, controlled, 2 × 2 factorial trial of a diet and physical activity intervention among Latina breast cancer survivors: Study design and methods.
(2021 Nov)
Contemp Clin Trials 110(): 106524
Santiago-Torres M, Contento I, Koch P, Tsai WY, Brickman AM, Gaffney AO, Thomson CA, Crane TE, Dominguez N, Sepulveda J, Marín-Chollom AM, Paul R, Shi Z, Ulanday KT, Hale C, Hershman D, Greenlee H

Retina as a Model to Study In Vivo Transmission of α-Synuclein in the A53T Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease.
Methods Mol Biol 2224(): 75-85
Mammadova N, Baron T, Verchère J, Greenlee JJ, Greenlee MHW

Integrative Oncology Education: An Emerging Competency for Oncology Providers.
(2021 Feb 10)
Curr Oncol 28(1): 853-862
Karim S, Benn R, Carlson LE, Fouladbakhsh J, Greenlee H, Harris R, Henry NL, Jolly S, Mayhew S, Spratke L, Walker EM, Zebrack B, Zick SM

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