Meagan C Brown

Affiliate Assistant Professor, Epidemiology


PhD Health Services, University of Washington, 2019
MPH Health Behavior, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 2014
BA Human Development, Boston College, 2008


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Research Interests

Dr. Brown works to identify and address systemic racism embedded in population health research, policy, and practice. Her current research does this by examining relationships between food assistance program implementation and health-related outcomes among underresourced communities of color. For her dissertation, Meagan studied how varying social-ecological contextual factors such as employee race/ethnicity, workplace characteristics, and broader social and political influences may impact the success of workplace health promotion programs for small businesses in low-wage industries.

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Evaluation of Patient Adherence to Vaccine and Screening Recommendations during Community Pharmacist-led Medicare Annual Wellness Visits in a Family Medicine Clinic.
Innov Pharm 14(1):
Joseph Nosser A, Pate AN, Crocker AV, Malinowski SS, Brown MA, Ballou JM

Kaiser Permanente's Social Needs Network for Evaluation and Translation Empirical Research Agenda.
(2023 Sep)
AJPM Focus 2(3): 100101
Brown MC, Paolino AR, Dorsey CN, Kelly C, Lewis CC

Advancing health equity through implementation science: Identifying and examining measures of the outer setting.
(2023 Aug)
Soc Sci Med 331(): 116095
Warner ET, Huguet N, Fredericks M, Gundersen D, Nederveld A, Brown MC, Houston TK, Davis KL, Mazzucca S, Rendle KA, Emmons KM

Stakeholder integration predicts better outcomes from groundwater sustainability policy.
(2023 Jun 27)
Nat Commun 14(1): 3793
Perrone D, Rohde MM, Hammond Wagner C, Anderson R, Arthur S, Atume N, Brown M, Esaki-Kua L, Gonzalez Fernandez M, Garvey KA, Heidel K, Jones WD, Khosrowshahi Asl S, Munill C, Nelson R, Ortiz-Partida JP, Remson EJ

Lung Cancer Screening in People With HIV: A Mixed-Methods Study of Patient and Provider Perspectives.
(2023 Oct)
Am J Prev Med 65(4): 608-617
Triplette M, Brown MC, Snidarich M, Budak JZ, Giustini N, Murphy N, Romine PE, Weiner BJ, Crothers K

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