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Sphingosine 1-phosphate-induced nitric oxide production simultaneously controls endothelial barrier function and vascular tone in resistance arteries.
(2021 May 15)
Vascul Pharmacol
Kerage D, Gombos RB, Wang S, Brown M, Hemmings DG

Diet quality in adults with cerebral palsy: a modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease prevention.
(2021 May 6)
Dev Med Child Neurol
Brown MC, Marciniak CM, Garrett AM, Gaebler-Spira DJ

Cooking for Health: a healthy food budgeting, purchasing, and cooking skills randomized controlled trial to improve diet among American Indians with type 2 diabetes.
(2021 Feb 15)
BMC Public Health 21(1): 356
Hawley CN, Huber CM, Best LG, Howard BV, Umans J, Beresford SAA, McKnight B, Hager A, O'Leary M, Thorndike AN, Ornelas IJ, Brown MC, Fretts AM

The Mississippi Delta Health Collaborative Medication Therapy Management Model: Public Health and Pharmacy Working Together to Improve Population Health in the Mississippi Delta.
(2020 Sep 17)
Prev Chronic Dis 17(): E108
Ross LA, Bloodworth LS, Brown MA, Malinowski SS, Crane R, Sutton V, Karimi M, Dove Brown AC, Dobbs T, Hites L

Local Health Departments' Capacity for Workplace Health Promotion Programs to Prevent Chronic Disease: Comparison of Rural, Micropolitan, and Urban Contexts.
(2020 Jun 1)
J Public Health Manag Pract
Brown MC, Kava C, Bekemeier B, Ornelas IJ, Harris JR, Chan KCG, Robertson M, Hannon PA

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