Natasha Ludwig-Barron

Dissertation title: Karibu na sirenji (Near the Syringe): Characterizing the drug risk environment and gender differences among persons who inject drugs across the HIV care continuum in Nairobi, Kenya

Research interests: Substance use, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, risk environments

Awards or recognition: National Institutes of Health (NIDA) Diversity Supplement Recipient; Latino Center for Health Scholarship; Global Opportunities in Health (GO-Health) Fellowship; Jackson School of International Studies Fellowship

Plans post-graduation: UC San Francisco Post-Doctoral Fellowship in HIV/AIDS Prevention Studies

Advice for students: Surround yourself with mentors and colleagues that will support and guide you throughout your career.

Favorite memory: Working with colleagues, faculty and staff on projects that provide opportunities for diverse students like the NIH Diversity Supplement Workshops, Diversity Dinner for Prospective Students and the Epi EDI Committee.