Postdoctoral Scholar and Scholar-Fellow Information

Postdoctoral Scholar and Scholar-Fellow Information


Postdoctoral Scholar (1-5 year appointment)

Postdoctoral Scholar- Fellow (1-5 year appointment)

Interim Postdoctoral Scholar (6 month or less appointment)

Affiliate Postdoctoral Scholar (no limit)

This unpaid, postdoctoral scholar appointment is currently reserved for those who are employed and paid directly by one of the following non-University of Washington entities: Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), Veterans Affairs (VA), Fred Hutchinson Research Center (FHRC), or U.S. Military

Information for sponsoring faculty

  • If you would like to hire a postdoctoral scholar or postdoctoral scholar fellow please contact the AHR Manager.
    • If you have a candidate in mind, please get them connected with the ARH manager with the following information (need information at least 3 months before start date):
      • Name of candidate and contact information
      • Have they graduated? If not, when?
      • Potential start date
      • Funding source (this will determine title and any salary limitations)
      • Duties/responsibilities
      • Potential visa sponsorship
    • Next steps
      • AHR manager and postdoc candidate will connect
      • AHR Manager and grants team will confirm salary
      • A draft offer will be created by AHR Manager and sent to you for approval
      • Offer sent to candidate at least 2 months before start date
      • Candidate accepts and signs offer and appointment is entered into Workday
      • AHR Manager and Staff HR manager will review basic orientation information on 1st day and perform I-9 verification (if needed)
  • If you would like to hire a postdoctoral scholar or postdoctoral scholar fellow and you do not have a candidate in mind:
    • Contact the AHR manager.
    • A search will need to be conducted via Interfolio.
    • This process can take several months.

Other important information

UW Remote Work Policy for Postdocs

The definition of a postdoc is someone who is engaged in full-time, mentored advanced training to enhance professional skills and research independence. They perform primarily research and scholarship under the direction and supervision of University faculty mentors. The implication of that definition is that the postdoc needs to be located where their lab and mentor can train them.

Per the UAW Postdoctoral Scholars (Postdoc) contract, occasional (not full-time) remote work is allowed if it is specified in the offer letter, however, unless there are special circumstances, work outside of Seattle must be reviewed and approved. This is due to the potential tax and visa implications of the remote worksite. In some instances, the program routinely has scholars work in different states and countries. In all cases, the reason for remote work outside of the state should be due to related work assignments. 

To see specifics regarding UW’s remote work location and out-of-state work policy here:

Information for postdoctoral scholars and postdoctoral scholar-fellows:

  • Epi Postdoc Orientation handbook
  • Conditional titles: If you are in a conditional title, you will need to confer your degree within one year of your start date. Please send a copy of your degree to the AHR manager as soon as it is available.  
  • Time off and Leave information for postdocs
    • All postdocs must submit time-off, including holidays, in Workday
    • Time off requests will go to the manager/time and absence approver for that supervisory organization
    • 21 paid vacation days – per 1 year appointment (front loaded at the beginning of the appointment)
    • Vacation is not paid out and does not roll over if reappointed
    • 1 paid sick day each month (front loaded at the beginning of the appointment)
    • A maximum of 12 days will carry over if reappointed