School of Public Health

PhD Final Exam

Your Final Exam gives you an opportunity to share and celebrate your accomplishments as a PhD student with colleagues, friends, and family. You are encouraged to schedule your Final Exam in the Epi Conference Room following the instructions below. 

The Exam

Room Scheduling
As soon as you and your committee have determined a date and time for your Final Exam (ideally at least 4 weeks in advance) email to request a room. HSB F-349 (the Epi Conference Room) will be reserved when possible. Should there be a time conflict, another room on campus will be reserved. You will receive a confirmation email after the room reservation has been made. 

Advertising the Defense
The date, time, location, title of your dissertation, and a photo will be sent by the SAS Office to invite faculty and students. The Epi SAS Office will contact you to request a photo. Your date will also be included in the Department’s event calendar. Friends and family are welcome to attend. Faculty and students in the audience will be given the opportunity to ask questions. 

Technology                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  In advance of your defense, make sure that your technology (laptop, Powerpoint, etc.) is compatible with, and properly works in, the F-349 conference room. If you will need technical assistance, or need to reserve a departmental laptop, please let know at least 1 week before your scheduled defense. 

Room configuration
See the typical F-349 room configuration. The precise arrangement of chairs may vary. If you require special accommodation or a custom configuration, please make a note in your room scheduling request.

Free parking and refreshments
Free parking is available for you and your committee in S-1. Please let us know in your room scheduling request the names of your committee members requiring parking. Coffee and tea will be provided by the department for all Final Exams held on the UW campus.

Preparing for Your Exam

The best way for you to prepare for your defense is to attend the defenses of your colleagues. You will be notified of these opportunities throughout your program.
Talk to people from your cohort and in your department who have already defended to find out what their experience was like. You can also talk with your Chair and committee members to better understand their specific expectations.

Stay in Touch

Please keep in touch with us and network with your colleagues by following the UW School of Public Health Students & Alumni LinkedIn Group. Let us know where you'll be going and what you'll be up to post-graduation, by filling out the following form. If you'd like to receive our alumni newsletter, you can sign up for it through the UW Preference Center.