School of Public Health

Non-matriculated Applicants

By enrolling as a Non-Matriculated (NM) or Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) student, you can earn UW academic credit for coursework taken without being admitted to a degree program. 

You should register as a non-matriculated student (NM) if you want to register for courses at the UW but do not plan to apply the credits toward a degree. Learn more about NM course registration, important dates and deadlines, and tuition on the Non-Degree Enrollment website. If you have any questions about issues related to NM status or procedures please contact Non-Degree Registration Services.

You may apply for GNM status through the Department of Epidemiology only if you intend to apply to our graduate program at a later date. A maximum of 12 credits earned as a GNM student in Epi can be applied to a future Epi graduate degree. GNM application instructions and deadlines are listed below. Please note that admission to Epidemiology as a GNM student is not a guarantee of admission to a degree program.

  • Each quarter during which you register for credits as a GNM student in Epidemiology you must take at least one course offered through the Department of Epidemiology. If you would like to register for credits through another department, in addition to Epidemiology credits, you may.

The Epidemiology Department requires that you submit an online application that includes a Statement of Purpose, unofficial transcripts, and a CV/Resume.  The UW Graduate School also has a number of Graduate Non-Matriculated Eligibility Requirements.

  • In your Statement of Purpose, please indicate which epidemiology courses you plan to take, how the training will contribute to your specific future degree goals in our department as well as in your future career.
  • No GRE or letters of recommendation are required.
  • You may apply for entry in Fall, Winter, or Spring quarter.

Application deadlines

Fall quarter entry - August 15 GNM applications for Epidemiology will be made available through the online application link above between July 15 and August 15.

Winter quarter entry - December 2

Spring quarter entry - February 15

Course registration as a GNM student varies depending on whether or not you are participating in the UW or state employee tuition exemption program. Registration procedures can be found at the UW Graduate School as well.

In some cases, tuition and fees charged to GNM students are more than those charged to graduate students.

If you are not participating in the UW or state employee tuition exemption program you can find tuition rates for non-degree students on the Non-Degree Enrollment website.

If you are participating in the UW or state employee tuition exemption program you can find more information about tuition and fees on the Tuition Exemption Program webpage.