Lue-ping Zhao

Affiliate Professor, Epidemiology



PhD Biostatistics, University of Washington, 1989



Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Box 358080 MW-805
1100 Fairview Avenue
Seattle, WA 98109
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Research Areas

Research Interests

Genetic epidemiology, biomedical informatics, population-based study designs, and risk prediction modeling

Recent Publications (PubMed)

HLA Class II (DR, DQ, DP) Genes Were Separately Associated With the Progression From Seroconversion to Onset of Type 1 Diabetes Among Participants in Two Diabetes Prevention Trials (DPT-1 and TN07).
(2024 May 1)
Diabetes Care 47(5): 826-834
Zhao LP, Papadopoulos GK, Skyler JS, Pugliese A, Parikh HM, Kwok WW, Lybrand TP, Bondinas GP, Moustakas AK, Wang R, Pyo CW, Nelson WC, Geraghty DE, Lernmark Å

Using Haplotype-Based Artificial Intelligence to Evaluate SARS-CoV-2 Novel Variants and Mutations.
(2023 Feb 1)
JAMA Netw Open 6(2): e230191
Zhao LP, Cohen S, Zhao M, Madeleine M, Payne TH, Lybrand TP, Geraghty DE, Jerome KR, Corey L

Rapidly identifying new coronavirus mutations of potential concern in the Omicron variant using an unsupervised learning strategy.
(2022 Nov 9)
Sci Rep 12(1): 19089
Zhao LP, Lybrand TP, Gilbert PB, Payne TH, Pyo CW, Geraghty DE, Jerome KR

Application of Statistical Learning to Identify Omicron Mutations in SARS-CoV-2 Viral Genome Sequence Data From Populations in Africa and the United States.
(2022 Sep 1)
JAMA Netw Open 5(9): e2230293
Zhao LP, Lybrand TP, Gilbert P, Madeleine M, Payne TH, Cohen S, Geraghty DE, Jerome KR, Corey L

High-resolution HLA class II sequencing of Swedish multiple sclerosis patients.
(2022 Oct)
Int J Immunogenet 49(5): 333-339
Akel O, Zhao LP, Geraghty DE, Lind A

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