Joon-Ho Yu

Adjunct Research Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
Research Assistant Professor, Pediatrics - Genetic Medicine
Adjunct Research Assistant Professor, Bioethics and Humanities


BA English, Carleton College, 1993
BS Biology, San Francisco State, 2003
MPH Public Health Genetics, University of Washington, 2004
PhD Public Health Genetics, University of Washington, 2010


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Joon received his MPH and PhD in public health genetics at the University of Washington and was a trainee of the Center for Genomics and Healthcare Equality (UW Center for Excellence in ELSI Research). His over 10 years of experience in the non-profit sector working on minority heath issues has greatly influenced the direction of his training and research. His interests span the ethical, legal, social implications (ELSI) and translation of genomics, including the translation of genomic technologies in underserved populations, minority participation in research, theories of justice, and the use of race and ancestry in biomedical research.

Research Areas

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Translational Research and Communities.
(2023 Sep-Oct)
Ethics Hum Res 45(5): 34-38
Doerr M, Yu JH

Guidelines for genetic ancestry inference created through roundtable discussions.
(2023 Apr 13)
HGG Adv 4(2): 100178
Wagner JK, Yu JH, Fullwiley D, Moore C, Wilson JF, Bamshad MJ, Royal CD, Genetic Ancestry Inference Roundtable Participants

Addressing underrepresentation in genomics research through community engagement.
(2022 Sep 1)
Am J Hum Genet 109(9): 1563-1571
Lemke AA, Esplin ED, Goldenberg AJ, Gonzaga-Jauregui C, Hanchard NA, Harris-Wai J, Ideozu JE, Isasi R, Landstrom AP, Prince AER, Turbitt E, Sabatello M, Schrier Vergano SA, Taylor MRG, Yu JH, Brothers KB, Garrison NA

Assessing Vietnamese American patient perspectives on population genetic testing in primary care: A community-engaged approach.
(2022 Oct 13)
HGG Adv 3(4): 100134
Lemke AA, Choi SH, Dang V, Dang TQ, Yu JH

Centering Equity in Human Genetics and Genomics Advances.
(2021 Oct 14)
HGG Adv 2(4): 100048
Wagner JK, Yu JH, Chong JX, Royal CD, Bamshad MJ

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