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Bare glassy nanopore for length-resolution reading of PCR amplicons from various pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
(2023 Jan 16)
Talanta 256(): 124275
Li H, Li Y, Gui C, Chen D, Chen L, Luo L, Huang G, Yuan Y, He R, Xia F, Wang J

Application of a free preputial tube graft coupled with urethral plate urethroplasty combined with a Buck's fascia integral covering for the single-stage repair of severe hypospadias.
Front Surg 9(): 1047104
Zhou W, Li C, Xia F, Zhang Q, Chen Y

Regulating the Membrane Affinity of Multi-module Probes to Address the Trade-off between Anchoring and Internalization.
(2023 Jan 31)
Anal Chem 95(4): 2513-2522
Duan C, Hu JJ, Liu R, Dai J, Yuan L, Xia F, Lou X

Programming the dynamic range of nanobiosensors with engineering poly-adenine-mediated spherical nucleic acid.
(2023 Jan 17)
Talanta 256(): 124278
Gu M, Yi X, Xiao Y, Zhang J, Lin M, Xia F

Disease burden and attributable risk factors of neonatal disorders and their specific causes in China from 1990 to 2019 and its prediction to 2024.
(2023 Jan 18)
BMC Public Health 23(1): 122
Wu Y, Xia F, Chen M, Zhang S, Yang Z, Gong Z, Zhou X, Chen L, Wang T

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