Fan Xia

Postdoctoral Scholar, Epidemiology


Recent Publications (PubMed)

Gradient adhesion modification of polyacrylamide/alginate-calcium tough hydrogels.
(2022 Jan 13)
J Mater Chem B
Zhang W, Zhang Y, Dai Y, Xia F, Zhang X

Modular DNA-Incorporated Aggregation-Induced Emission Probe for Sensitive Detection and Imaging of DNA Methyltransferase.
(2020 Dec 21)
ACS Appl Bio Mater 3(12): 9002-9011
Wu J, Hu Q, Chen Q, Dai J, Wu X, Wang S, Lou X, Xia F

Bioinspired Programmable Engineering of a Color-Change Biointerface based on Dual-Stimulation Regulation.
(2020 Dec 21)
ACS Appl Bio Mater 3(12): 8970-8977
Lin M, Wan H, Zhang J, Huang F, Li S, Xia F

Highly Efficient Near-Infrared Photosensitizers with Aggregation-Induced Emission Characteristics: Rational Molecular Design and Photodynamic Cancer Cell Ablation.
(2021 Jun 21)
ACS Appl Bio Mater 4(6): 5231-5239
Chen D, Long Z, Zhong C, Chen L, Dang Y, Hu JJ, Lou X, Xia F

Reversible down-regulation and up-regulation of catalytic activity of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-anchored gold nanoparticles.
(2022 Jan 5)
Han Y, Li J, Zhang X, Xia F, Dai Y

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