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Expert Consensus on the Diagnosis and Treatment of NRG1/2 Gene Fusion Solid Tumors.
(2024 Jan)
Glob Med Genet 11(1): 86-99
Xu C, Wang Q, Wang D, Wang W, Fang W, Li Z, Liu A, Yu J, Zhong W, Wang Z, Zhang Y, Liu J, Zhang S, Cai X, Liu A, Li W, Zhan P, Liu H, Lv T, Miao L, Min L, Chen Y, Yuan J, Wang F, Jiang Z, Lin G, Huang L, Pu X, Lin R, Liu W, Rao C, Lv D, Yu Z, Li X, Tang C, Zhou C, Zhang J, Xue J, Guo H, Chu Q, Meng R, Wu J, Zhang R, Zhou J, Zhu Z, Li Y, Qiu H, Xia F, Lu Y, Chen X, Ge R, Dai E, Han Y, Pan W, Pang F, He Q, Huang J, Wang K, Wu F, Xu B, Wang L, Zhu Y, Lin L, Xie Y, Lin X, Cai J, Xu L, Li J, Jiao X, Li K, Wei J, Feng H, Wang L, Du Y, Yao W, Shi X, Niu X, Yuan D, Yao Y, Huang J, Feng Y, Zhang Y, Sun P, Wang H, Ye M, Wang Z, Hao Y, Wang Z, Wan B, Lv D, Yang S, Kang J, Zhang J, Zhang C, Ou J, Shi L, Wang Y, Li B, Zhang Z, Li Z, Liu Z, Yang N, Wu L, Wang H, Jin G, Wang G, Wang J, Fang M, Fang Y, Li Y, Wang X, Zhang Y, Zhu X, Shen Y, Ma S, Wang B, Si L, Song Y, Lu Y, Chen J, Song Z

Homodimeric peptide radiotracer [(68)Ga]Ga-NOTA-(TMVP1)(2) for VEGFR-3 imaging of cervical cancer patients.
(2024 Feb 27)
Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging
Chen X, Zhang Z, Wang L, Zhang J, Zhao T, Cai J, Dang Y, Guo R, Liu R, Zhou Y, Wei R, Lou X, Xia F, Ma D, Li F, Dai J, Li F, Xi L

Emerging Data Processing Methods for Single-Entity Electrochemistry.
(2024 Feb 27)
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
Li X, Fu YH, Wei N, Yu RJ, Bhatti H, Zhang L, Yan F, Xia F, Ewing AG, Long YT, Ying YL

Arsenite Mediates Selenite Resistance and Reduction in Enterobacter sp. Z1, Thereby Enhancing Bacterial Survival in Selenium Environments.
(2024 Feb 19)
Environ Sci Technol
Lan Y, Luo X, Fan X, Wang G, Zheng S, Shi K

Unfolded Protein-Based Sandwich AIE Probe Imparts High Fluorescent Contrast for Pan-Cancer Surgical Navigation.
(2024 Feb 27)
Anal Chem 96(8): 3609-3617
Wang Q, Chen B, Duan C, Wang T, Lou X, Dai J, Xia F

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