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The distributional effects of China'senvironmental taxation: A multi-regional analysis.
(2022 Sep 27)
J Environ Manage 324(): 116276
Chen Z, Zhang R, Wang F, Xia F, Liu B, Zhang B

Prognostic value of GPC5 polymorphism rs2352028 and clinical characteristics in Chinese lung cancer patients.
(2022 Sep 27)
Future Oncol
Wang F, Li Y, Li Z, Zou Z, Lu Y, Xu C, Zhao Z, Wang H, Wang Y, Guo S, Jin L, Wang J, Li Q, Jiang G, Xia F, Shen B, Wu J

Patient-derived tumor organoids predict responses to irinotecan-based neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in patients with locally advanced rectal cancer.
(2022 Sep 26)
Int J Cancer
Lv T, Shen L, Xu X, Yao Y, Mu P, Zhang H, Wan J, Wang Y, Guan R, Li X, Fu G, Zhang L, Wang Y, Xia F, Hu C, Clevers H, Zhang Z, Hua G

Recurring germline mosaicism in a family due to reversion of an inherited derivative chromosome 8 from an 8;21 translocation with interstitial telomeric sequences.
(2022 Sep 23)
J Med Genet
Bi W, Yuan B, Liu P, Murry JB, Qin X, Xia F, Quach T, Cooper LM, Wiszniewska J, Hixson P, Peacock S, Tonk VS, Huff RW, Ortega V, Lupski JR, Scherer SE, Littlejohn RO, Velagaleti GVN, Roeder ER, Cheung SW

Prognostic significance of tumor deposits in radically resected gastric cancer: a retrospective study of a cohort of 1915 Chinese individuals.
(2022 Sep 23)
World J Surg Oncol 20(1): 304
Zhou M, Yang W, Zou W, Yang J, Zhou C, Zhang Z, Wang Y, Zhang J, Wang Y, Li G, Zhang Z, Xia F

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