Paige Wartko

Clinical Assistant Professor, Epidemiology


PhD Epidemiology, University of Washington,
MPH Epidemiology, University of Washington,


Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute


Paige Wartko, PhD, MPH, was first drawn to epidemiology through her interest in women’s health. Her principal area of expertise is perinatal pharmacoepidemiology, but she has experience in many areas, including medication safety and effectiveness outside of pregnancy, opioid dependence and addiction, mental health, and use of real-world electronic health data to study these topics. Her primary position is as a Senior Collaborative Scientist at Kaiser Permanente Health Research Institute, where she is able to help answer real-world questions that impact health and healthcare. Major research projects she has worked on include an observational study of antibiotic treatment for urinary tract infections in pregnant people, a pragmatic trial implementing nurse care management to help treat individuals with opioid use disorder in the primary care setting, and a trial studying an intervention to support patients who take high doses of opioids manage their chronic pain and lower their opioid dose. She is co-teaching the Pharmacoepidemiology course (Epi 533/HEOR 520) in Spring Quarter 2024.

Research Interests

Pregnancy, Women’s Health, Medication Safety and Effectiveness, Substance Use, Mental Health

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Offering nurse care management for opioid use disorder in primary care: Impact on emergency and hospital utilization in a cluster-randomized implementation trial.
(2024 Aug 1)
Drug Alcohol Depend 261(): 111350
Bobb JF, Idu AE, Qiu H, Yu O, Boudreau DM, Wartko PD, Matthews AG, McCormack J, Lee AK, Campbell CI, Saxon AJ, Liu DS, Altschuler A, Samet JH, Northrup TF, Braciszewski JM, Murphy MT, Arnsten JH, Cunningham CO, Horigian VE, Szapocznik J, Glass JE, Caldeiro RM, Tsui JI, Burganowski RP, Weinstein ZM, Murphy SM, Hyun N, Bradley KA

Nurse Care Management for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment: The PROUD Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial.
(2023 Dec 1)
JAMA Intern Med 183(12): 1343-1354
Wartko PD, Bobb JF, Boudreau DM, Matthews AG, McCormack J, Lee AK, Qiu H, Yu O, Hyun N, Idu AE, Campbell CI, Saxon AJ, Liu DS, Altschuler A, Samet JH, Labelle CT, Zare-Mehrjerdi M, Stotts AL, Braciszewski JM, Murphy MT, Dryden D, Arnsten JH, Cunningham CO, Horigian VE, Szapocznik J, Glass JE, Caldeiro RM, Phillips RC, Shea M, Bart G, Schwartz RP, McNeely J, Liebschutz JM, Tsui JI, Merrill JO, Lapham GT, Addis M, Bradley KA, PROUD Trial Collaborators, Ghiroli MM, Hamilton LK, Hu Y, LaHue JS, Loree AM, Murphy SM, Northrup TF, Shmueli-Blumberg D, Silva AJ, Weinstein ZM, Wong MT, Burganowski RP

STRategies to Improve Pain and Enjoy life (STRIPE): results of a pragmatic randomized trial of pain coping skills training and opioid medication taper guidance for patients on long-term opioid therapy.
(2023 Dec 1)
Pain 164(12): 2852-2864
Wartko PD, Krakauer C, Turner JA, Cook AJ, Boudreau DM, Sullivan MD

Perspectives from women who engaged in prenatal and postpartum cannabis use in a U.S. State with legal non-medical use.
(2023 Feb)
Prev Med Rep 31(): 102075
Kiel L, Hsu C, Wartko PD, Albertson-Junkans L, Ewing J, Lapham GT

Baseline representativeness of patients in clinics enrolled in the PRimary care Opioid Use Disorders treatment (PROUD) trial: comparison of trial and non-trial clinics in the same health systems.
(2022 Dec 29)
BMC Health Serv Res 22(1): 1593
Wartko PD, Qiu H, Idu AE, Yu O, McCormack J, Matthews AG, Bobb JF, Saxon AJ, Campbell CI, Liu D, Braciszewski JM, Murphy SM, Burganowski RP, Murphy MT, Horigian VE, Hamilton LK, Lee AK, Boudreau DM, Bradley KA

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