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Insights into the diversity and survival strategies of soil bacterial isolates from the Atacama Desert.
Front Microbiol 15(): 1335989
Reverdy A, Hathaway D, Jha J, Michaels G, Sullivan J, McAdoo DD, Riquelme C, Chai Y, Godoy-Carter V

The Social Value of Improvement in Activities of Daily Living among the Advanced Parkinson's Disease Population.
(2020 Nov 25)
Forum Health Econ Policy 23(2): 1-23
Sullivan J, Shih TM, van Eijndhoven E, Jalundhwala YJ, Lakdawalla DN, Zadikoff C, Benner J, Marshall TS, Sail KR

Insecure Attachment and Therapeutic Bond as Mediators of Social, Relational, and Social Distress and Interpersonal Problems in Adult Females with Childhood Sexual Abuse History.
(2020 Aug-Sep)
J Child Sex Abus 29(6): 659-676
Sullivan JM, Lawson DM, Akay-Sullivan S

The effect of functional status impairment on nursing home admission risk among patients with advanced Parkinson's disease.
(2020 Mar)
J Med Econ 23(3): 297-307
Shih TM, Sail KR, Jalundhwala YJ, Sullivan J, van Eijndhoven E, Zadikoff C, Marshall TS, Lakdawalla DN

Lifetime benefits of early detection and treatment of diabetic kidney disease.
PLoS One 14(5): e0217487
Thornton Snider J, Sullivan J, van Eijndhoven E, Hansen MK, Bellosillo N, Neslusan C, O'Brien E, Riley R, Seabury S, Kasiske BL

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