Smith Jodi M. M.D.

Adjunct Professor, Epidemiology
Professor, Pediatrics - Nephrology



MDCM McGill University (Canada), 1995
MPH University of Washington, 2004



Childrens Hospital and Regional Medical Center
Office M1-5
Box 359300
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Research Areas

Research Interests

Viral infection associated with the development of chronic allograft nephropathy in pediatric renal transplant patients

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Pediatric priority in kidney allocation after the age of 18 years.
(2024 Jan 23)
Am J Transplant
Engen RM, Perkins J, Bartosh S, Smith JM

Risk for graft loss in pediatric and young adult kidney transplant recipients due to recurrent IgA nephropathy.
(2024 Jan)
Am J Transplant 24(1): 37-45
Engen RM, Bartosh SM, Smith JM, Perkins JD, Harshman LA

Use of the Seraph® 100 Microbind® Affinity Blood Filter in an adolescent patient with disseminated adenoviral disease.
(2024 Jan)
Pediatr Nephrol 39(1): 331-335
Li DS, Burke TM, Smith JM, Reed RC, Okamura DM, Menon S

Equity Concerns Across Pediatric Research Recruitment: An Analysis of Research Staff Interviews.
(2023 Jul 11)
Acad Pediatr
Weiss EM, Porter KM, Sullivan TR, Sotelo Guerra LJ, Anderson EE, Garrison NA, Baker L, Smith JM, Kraft SA

OPTN/SRTR 2021 Annual Data Report: Kidney.
(2023 Feb)
Am J Transplant 23(2 Suppl 1): S21-S120
Lentine KL, Smith JM, Miller JM, Bradbrook K, Larkin L, Weiss S, Handarova DK, Temple K, Israni AK, Snyder JJ

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