Arjee Restar

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
Assistant Professor, Health Systems and Population Health



Postdoctoral Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University, 2021
PhD Behavioral Science, Social Sciences, Brown University, 2020
MPH Epidemiology, Columbia University, 2016
BS Biology, Philosophy, Pace University, 2013



Box 351619
Department of Epidemiology
Hans Rosling Center for Population Health, 865B


Arjee Restar (she/her) applies epidemiologic methods to behavioral, social, structural, and health services research and policy to address inequities in health outcomes and access, particularly as experienced by communities of transgender and nonbinary people in the US and Asia. She is expanding transgender health as a field by building research environments that produce high-quality evidence that speaks to the myriad of health priorities of transgender and nonbinary communities at-large, along with community stakeholders, scientists, scholars, and trainees who are also paving this field forward. This work includes advocating for institutional policies and practices that dismantle systems of oppression, inequality, and inequity.

Research Interests

Transgender and nonbinary health, health policy; social epidemiology; behavioral, social and structural determinants of health; substance use prevention and care; mental health promotion; HIV/STI prevention and care; behavioral economics; gender affirming care

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Gender affirming hormone therapy dosing behaviors among transgender and nonbinary adults.
Humanit Soc Sci Commun 9(1):
Restar A, Dusic EJ, Garrison-Desany H, Lett E, Everhart A, Baker KE, Scheim AI, Beckham SW, Reisner S, Rose AJ, Mimiaga MJ, Radix A, Operario D, Hughto JMW

Science and Public Health as a Tool for Social Justice Requires Methodological Rigor.
(2022 Dec 1)
Pediatrics 150(6):
Lett E, Everhart A, Streed C, Restar A

Utilization and Costs of Gender-Affirming Care in a Commercially Insured Transgender Population.
J Law Med Ethics 50(3): 456-470
Baker K, Restar A

Transgender Individuals and Digital Health.
(2022 Dec)
Curr HIV/AIDS Rep 19(6): 592-599
Radix AE, Bond K, Carneiro PB, Restar A

Experiences of violence and discrimination among LGBTQ+ individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic: a global cross-sectional analysis.
(2022 Sep)
BMJ Glob Health 7(9):
Adamson T, Lett E, Glick J, Garrison-Desany HM, Restar A

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