Michael P. Porter

Adjunct Professor, Epidemiology
Professor, Urology



MD Medicine (MD), University of Iowa, 1997
MS Epidemiology, University of Washington, 2001



Veterans Administration Puget Sound Health Care System
Box 358280
Dept. of Urology
1660 South Columbian Way (S-112-GU)
Seattle, WA 98108

Research Areas

Research Interests

Urologic oncology; bladder cancer screening

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Pediatric donor heart utilization variability among organ procurement organizations.
(2024 May)
Pediatr Transplant 28(3): e14747
Haregu F, Dixon RJ, Porter M, McCulloch M

The Prostate Cancer Active Lifestyle Study (PALS): A randomized controlled trial of diet and exercise in overweight and obese men on active surveillance.
(2024 Jun 15)
Cancer 130(12): 2108-2119
Wright JL, Schenk JM, Gulati R, Beatty SJ, VanDoren M, Lin DW, Porter MP, Morrissey C, Dash A, Gore JL, Etzioni R, Plymate SR, Neuhouser ML

Reduction of Postoperative Delirium and Opioid Use in Hip Fracture Patients Through Utilization of Emergency Department Physician Administered Regional Nerve Blocks.
Geriatr Orthop Surg Rehabil 15(): 21514593241228073
Snapp C, Byrd B, Porter M

The Nitrile Bis-Thiol Bioconjugation Reaction.
(2024 Jan 10)
J Am Chem Soc 146(1): 274-280
Patel M, Forte N, Bishop CR, Porter MJ, Dagwell M, Karu K, Chudasama V, Baker JR

Use of pyridazinediones for tuneable and reversible covalent cysteine modification applied to peptides, proteins and hydrogels.
(2023 Dec 6)
Chem Sci 14(47): 13743-13754
Rochet LNC, Bahou C, Wojciechowski JP, Koutsopetras I, Britton P, Spears RJ, Thanasi IA, Shao B, Zhong L, Bučar DK, Aliev AE, Porter MJ, Stevens MM, Baker JR, Chudasama V

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