Eyal Oren

Affiliate Assistant Professor, Epidemiology



MS Epidemiology, University of Washington, 2004
PhD Epidemiology, University of Washington, 2010
BA Neurobiology, Cornell University, 1998



San Diego State University
Graduate School of Public Health
500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182


Dr. Eyal Oren is the Interim Director of the School of Public Health at San Diego State University (SDSU). He is a Professor of Epidemiology and a core-investigator at the Institute for Behavioral and Community Health at SDSU. He is trained as an infectious disease, respiratory and social epidemiologist with particular expertise in respiratory health, and numerous projects in COVID-19, TB, flu, tobacco exposure and asthma. He has also worked at the interface of infectious etiologies and chronic disease outcomes, particularly cancers. He has extensive experience in epidemiological and clinical research, working on the effective adoption of interventions in the community as well as in developing evidence-based strategies and practices from secondary data analyses and novel data sources. He is a UW Epi PhD Alum (2010).

Research Interests

  • Infectious disease epidemiology 
  • Tuberculosis (both active disease and latent infection) 
  • Respiratory Health 
  • Molecular epidemiology 
  • Epidemiology in public health practice 
  • Surveillance systems 
  • Assessment of new technologies 
  • Social epidemiology and health disparities 
  • Global and border health 
  • Program evaluation, Monitoring & Evaluation 
  • Climate change and respiratory health outcomes 
  • Clinical trials 
  • Multilevel/Hierarchical Models 
  • Pilot & Feasibility studies 
  • Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Markers of kidney function, genetic variation related to cognitive function, and cognitive performance in the UK Biobank.
(2022 Apr 27)
BMC Nephrol 23(1): 159
Richard EL, McEvoy LK, Deary IJ, Davies G, Cao SY, Oren E, Alcaraz JE, LaCroix AZ, Bressler J, Salem RM

Impact of SHIELD Police Training on Knowledge of Syringe Possession Laws and Related Arrests in Tijuana, Mexico.
(2022 Jun)
Am J Public Health 112(6): 860-864
Baker P, Beletsky L, Garfein R, Pitpitan E, Oren E, Strathdee SA, Cepeda JA

Effectiveness of alternative semester break schedules on reducing COVID-19 incidence on college campuses.
(2022 Feb 8)
Sci Rep 12(1): 2116
Lehnig CL, Oren E, Vaidya NK

Chronic hypertension and risk of preterm delivery: National Longitudinal Study of Adolescents to Adult Health.
(2022 May)
Paediatr Perinat Epidemiol 36(3): 370-379
Delker E, Bandoli G, LaCoursiere Y, Ferran K, Gallo L, Oren E, Gahagan S, Ramos GA, Allison M

Helicobacter pylori Prevalence and Risk Factors in Three Rural Indigenous Communities of Northern Arizona.
(2022 Jan 12)
Int J Environ Res Public Health 19(2):
Harris RB, Brown HE, Begay RL, Sanderson PR, Chief C, Monroy FP, Oren E

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