Stephanie A Norman

Affiliate Instructor, Epidemiology



PhD Epidemiology, University of California (Davis), 2012
MS Epidemiology, University of Washington, 2007
DVM Texas A&M University, 1991



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Research Interests

Stephanie Norman is a wildlife epidemiologist and veterinarian in the Seattle, Washington area. Since 1999, she has been involved in the investigation of diseases in marine species for various organizations and agencies. An admirer of all ocean life, her research and epidemiologic work covers marine life of all sizes, from corals to top level predators. Her areas of research interest include the impact of climate change on marine wildlife and their diseases, disease surveillance and outbreak investigations, One Health, conservation of marine species, and ecosystem health.

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Surveillance for Antibiotic-Resistant E. coli in the Salish Sea Ecosystem.
(2021 Oct 2)
Antibiotics (Basel) 10(10):
Vingino A, Roberts MC, Wainstein M, West J, Norman SA, Lambourn D, Lahti J, Ruiz R, D'Angeli M, Weissman SJ, Rabinowitz P

Epizootiology of a Cryptococcus gattii outbreak in porpoises and dolphins from the Salish Sea.
(2021 Oct 21)
Dis Aquat Organ 146(): 129-143
Teman SJ, Gaydos JK, Norman SA, Huggins JL, Lambourn DM, Calambokidis J, Ford JKB, Hanson MB, Haulena M, Zabek E, Cottrell P, Hoang L, Morshed M, Garner MM, Raverty S

Health Reporting Characteristics among Journalists in Nepal Utilizing a One Health Framework.
(2021 Mar 9)
Int J Environ Res Public Health 18(5):
Schwind JS, Norman SA, Rahman MK, Richmond HL, Dixit SM, Rajbhandari RM, Wagner SK, Karmacharya D

Association Between Earthquake Exposures and Mental Health Outcomes in Phulpingdanda Village After the 2015 Nepal Earthquakes.
(2019 Oct)
Community Ment Health J 55(7): 1103-1113
Schwind JS, Norman SA, Brown R, Frances RH, Koss E, Karmacharya D, Santangelo SL

Earthquake exposures and mental health outcomes in children and adolescents from Phulpingdanda village, Nepal: a cross-sectional study.
Child Adolesc Psychiatry Ment Health 12(): 54
Schwind JS, Formby CB, Santangelo SL, Norman SA, Brown R, Hoffman Frances R, Koss E, Karmacharya D

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