Sylvia M LaCourse

Adjunct Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Associate Professor, Medicine - Allergy and Infectious Dis.
Associate Professor, Global Health



MD University of Louisville, 2007
BA Environmental Science, University of California (Santa Barbara), 1995



Box 359931
325 9th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104


Dr. LaCourse’s research focuses on improved tuberculosis prevention, screening, and detection with a focus on people with HIV, including pregnant people and children. She leads clinical cohorts of pregnant people and children evaluating diagnostics for latent and active TB infection as well as interventional studies evaluating TB prevention therapy including among HIV-exposed uninfected children and pregnant people with HIV. Active areas of research include evaluation of non-sputum based TB diagnostics as well as the role of pregnancy and HIV in TB susceptibility. An additional area of scientific focus is SAR-CoV-2 antibody responses in pregnant people and their infants.

Dr. LaCourse is a GWACh (Global Women, Adolescent, and Child health) scientific lead, Kenya Research and Training Center (KRTC) faculty member, Tuberculosis Research & Training Center (TRTC) leadership committee member, and TB ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) faculty, and co-leads the Development core of the recently awarded NIH Seattle TB Research Advancement Center (SEA-TRAC). She is committed to the inclusion of children and pregnant women in HIV/TB research as an IMPAACT (International Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trials Network) TB Scientific Committee mentored junior investigator, and International Union Against TB and Lung Disease Maternal Child Health Working Group Scientific Co-Lead.

She is an attending physician at the Madison HIV clinic and infectious diseases, general medicine, and HIV inpatient services at the University of Washington and Harborview Medical Centers.

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 seroprevalence and longitudinal antibody response following natural infection in pregnancy: A prospective cohort study.
(2023 Jan-Dec)
Womens Health (Lond) 19(): 17455057231190955
Drake AL, Escudero JN, Aurelio MC, Wetzler EA, Ellington SR, Zapata LB, Galang RR, Snead MC, Yamamoto K, Salerno CC, Richardson BA, Greninger AL, Kachikis AB, Englund JA, LaCourse SM

Effect of pregnancy versus postpartum maternal isoniazid preventive therapy on infant growth in HIV-exposed uninfected infants: a post-hoc analysis of the TB APPRISE trial.
(2023 Apr)
EClinicalMedicine 58(): 101912
Cherkos AS, LaCourse SM, Enquobahrie DA, Richardson BA, Bradford S, Montepiedra G, Mmbaga BT, Mbengeranwa T, Masheto G, Jean-Phillippe P, Chakhtoura N, Theron G, Weinberg A, Cassim H, Raesi MS, Jean E, Wabwire D, Nematadzira T, Stranix-Chibanda L, Hesseling AC, Aurpibul L, Gupta A, John-Stewart G, IMPAACT P1078 TB APPRISE Study Team

Latent tuberculosis is associated with heightened levels of pro-and anti-inflammatory cytokines among Kenyan men and women living with HIV on long-term antiretroviral therapy.
(2023 Jun 1)
AIDS 37(7): 1065-1075
Temu TM, Polyak SJ, Wanjalla CN, Mandela NA, Dabee S, Mogaka JN, Masyuko S, Longernecker C, Shakil S, Chohan B, Page ST, Lacourse SM, Gitura B, Crothers K, Oyugi J, Jaspan H, Farquhar C, Zifodya JS

Tuberculosis Preventative Therapy Initiation and Completion Among Adolescents and Young Adults Living With HIV in Kenya.
(2023 Mar 1)
J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 92(3): 250-259
Black DA, LaCourse SM, Njuguna IN, Beima-Sofie KM, Mburu CW, Mugo C, Itindi J, Onyango A, Richardson BA, Wamalwa DC, John-Stewart GC

Tuberculosis Infection in Pregnant People: Current Practices and Research Priorities.
(2022 Dec 6)
Pathogens 11(12):
Mathad JS, Yadav S, Vaidyanathan A, Gupta A, LaCourse SM

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