Ann M Kimball

Professor Emeritus, Epidemiology


MD Preventive Medicine, University of Washington, 1976
MPH Pub Health & Comm Med, University of Washington, 1981
BS Biology, Stanford University, 1972



Dr. Kimball is currently a Senior Consulting Fellow at the Chatham House Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs and a Strategic Consultant in Global Health at the Rockefeller Foundation.

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Measuring for Success: Evaluating Leadership Training Programs for Sustainable Impact.
Ann Glob Health 87(1): 63
Njah J, Hansoti B, Adeyami A, Bruce K, O'Malley G, Gugerty MK, Chi BH, Lubimbi N, Steen E, Stampfly S, Berman E, Kimball AM

Global Health Security: Rethinking Joint External Evaluations to Ensure Readiness?
(2019 Nov/Dec)
Health Secur 17(6): 504-506
Asghar RJ, Kimball AM, Khan AS

Strengthening Public Health Leadership in Africa: An Innovative Fellowship Program.
(2019 Aug)
Acad Med 94(8): 1146-1149
Kimball AM, Harper D, Creamer K, Adeyemi A, Yates R, Lillywhite L, Told M, Heymann DL

Ebola, International Health Regulations, and global safety.
(2014 Dec 6)
Lancet 384(9959): 2023
Kimball AM, Heymann D

Key findings and lessons from an evaluation of the Rockefeller Foundation's Disease Surveillance Networks Initiative.
Emerg Health Threats J 6():
Macpherson N, Kimball AM, Burke C, Abernethy N, Tempongko S, Zinsstag J

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