Susan Jean Hemingway

Professor, Epidemiology
Adjunct Professor, Pediatrics



PhD Epidemiology, University of Washington, 1990
MS Radiology, Physiology, Oregon State University, 1979



FAS DPN, Center on Human Development & Disability
Office Room 459
Box 357920
Seattle, WA 98195

Research Areas

Research Interests

Dr. Astley Hemingway's primary area of expertise is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). She is the director of Washington State FAS Diagnostic & Prevention Network (FAS DPN). The FAS DPN is a network of WA State community-based clinics linked by the core clinical/research/training clinic at the Center on Human Development and Disability at the University of Washington. The mission of the FAS DPN is primary and secondary prevention of FASD through screening, diagnosis, intervention, training, education, and research. Dr. Astley Hemingway has developed a comprehensive system for diagnosing FASD "The FASD 4-Digit Diagnostic Code", the 4-Digit Code Online Course, FAS Facial Photographic Analysis Software for diagnosis and screening of the FAS facial features, and the Foster Care FAS Screening Program in King County. She has trained over 150 FASD diagnostic teams worldwide as portrayed in the FAS DPN Tableau dashboards.

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Global DNA Methylation and Histone Posttranslational Modifications in Human and Nonhuman Primate Brain in Association with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure.
(2019 Jun)
Alcohol Clin Exp Res 43(6): 1145-1162
Jarmasz JS, Stirton H, Basalah D, Davie JR, Clarren SK, Astley SJ, Del Bigio MR

An investigation of intra-individual variability in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).
(2018 Jul)
Child Neuropsychol 24(5): 617-637
Ali S, Kerns KA, Mulligan BP, Olson HC, Astley SJ

Comparison of the FASD 4-Digit Code and Hoyme et al. 2016 FASD diagnostic guidelines.
Adv Pediatr Res 4(3):
Astley SJ, Bledsoe JM, Davies JK, Thorne JC

The Essential Role of Growth Deficiency in the Diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
Adv Pediatr Res 3(3):
Astley SJ, Bledsoe JM, Davies JK

Palpebral fissure length measurement: accuracy of the FAS facial photographic analysis software and inaccuracy of the ruler.
J Popul Ther Clin Pharmacol 22(1): e9-e26
Astley SJ

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