Stephen Gloyd

Adjunct Professor, Epidemiology
Professor, Global Health
Professor, Health Systems and Population Health
Adjunct Professor, Family Medicine
Adjunct Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering



MD Family Practice Medicine, University of Chicago, 1973
MPH Health Policy and Management, Harvard University, 1983



Box 357965
Health Alliance International
1107 NE 45th Street, Suite 350
Box 354809
Seattle, WA 98105

Research Interests

  • Health systems research
  • Implementation science
  • Political economy of global health

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Trends and outcomes in primary health care expenditures in low-income and middle-income countries, 2000-2017.
(2021 Aug)
BMJ Glob Health 6(8):
Schneider MT, Chang AY, Crosby SW, Gloyd S, Harle AC, Lim S, Lozano R, Micah AE, Tsakalos G, Su Y, Murray CJL, Dieleman JL

Health must be a top priority in the Iran nuclear deal.
(2021 May 29)
Lancet 397(10289): 2047-2048
Sajadi HS, Gloyd S, Majdzadeh R

Mobile Texting and Lay Health Supporters to Improve Schizophrenia Care in a Resource-Poor Community in Rural China (LEAN Trial): Randomized Controlled Trial Extended Implementation.
(2020 Dec 1)
J Med Internet Res 22(12): e22631
Cai Y, Gong W, He H, Hughes JP, Simoni J, Xiao S, Gloyd S, Lin M, Deng X, Liang Z, He W, Dai B, Liao J, Hao Y, Xu DR

Development assistance for health and the Middle East and North Africa.
(2020 Feb 4)
Global Health 16(1): 14
Zhao Y, Micah AE, Gloyd S, Dieleman JL

Tracking development assistance for health from China, 2007-2017.
BMJ Glob Health 4(5): e001513
Micah AE, Zhao Y, Chen CS, Zlavog BS, Tsakalos G, Chapin A, Gloyd S, Jonas J, Lee PH, Liu S, Ng MTA, Phillips MR, Rubagotti E, Tang K, Tang S, Younis M, Zhang Y, Murray CJL, Dieleman JL

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