Steven Erly

Affiliate Assistant Professor, Epidemiology



PhD Epidemiology, University of Washington, 2021
MPH Epidemiology, University of Arizona, 2016
BS Neurosciences, University of Arizona, 2014





Dr. Steven Erly is an infectious disease epidemiologist whose work spans the fields of sexual health, health equity, and applied public health.  His research is focused on improving public health programs and care delivery for people living with HIV, Hepatitis C, sexually transmitted infections, and substance abuse disorder.  He is passionate about measurement issues, program evaluation, and identifying novel use of existing data.  He also has experience in advanced statistical methods and has placed in several nationwide machine learning and data visualization competitions.  He is a full-time epidemiologist at the Washington State Department of Health where he works at the intersection of health equity and infectious disease.

Research Interests

HIV, STI, Drug User Health, Applied Epidemiology, Local and State Public Health, Program Evaluation

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Evaluating surveillance definitions of HIV viral suppression 2015-2019: Which definition best detected barriers to care?
(2023 Apr)
J Public Health Res 12(2): 22799036231182031
Erly S, Campos L, Buskin S, Reuer J

AIDS Drug Assistance Program disenrollment is associated with loss of viral suppression beyond differences in homelessness, mental health, and substance use disorders: An evaluation in Washington state 2017-2019.
PLoS One 18(5): e0285326
Erly SJ, Khosropour CM, Hajat A, Sharma M, Reuer JR, Dombrowski JC

Direct and Indirect Effects of a Project ECHO Longitudinal Clinical Tele-Mentoring Program on Viral Suppression for Persons With HIV: A Population-Based Analysis.
(2022 Aug 15)
J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 90(5): 538-545
Wood BR, Bauer K, Lechtenberg R, Buskin SE, Bush L, Capizzi J, Crutsinger-Perry B, Erly SJ, Menza TW, Reuer JR, Golden MR, Hughes JP

Detection and Response to an HIV Cluster: People Living Homeless and Using Drugs in Seattle, Washington.
(2021 Nov)
Am J Prev Med 61(5 Suppl 1): S160-S169
Buskin SE, Erly SJ, Glick SN, Lechtenberg RJ, Kerani RP, Herbeck JT, Dombrowski JC, Bennett AB, Slaughter FA, Barry MP, Neme S, Quinnan-Hostein L, Bryan A, Golden MR

Characterization of the Population Affected by the 6-Month Recertification Criterion of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program's AIDS Drug Assistance Program in Washington State, 2017-2019.
(2022 Jan 1)
J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 89(1): 27-33
Erly S, Khosropour CM, Hajat A, Sharma M, Reuer J, Grimm M, Kwaiser K, Dombrowski JC

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