School of Public Health

Dilley, Julia

Julia Dilley

Affiliate Instructor, Epidemiology
Affiliate Instructor, Health Services

Senior Research Scientist/Epidemiologist


PhD Epidemiology, University of Washington, 2008
MES Public Health, Evergreen State College, 1996

Contact Info

Washington State Department of Health
Multnomah County & Oregon Dept of Human Services
800 NE Oregon Street
Suite 260
Portland, OR 97232
Tel: 360-402-7877

Julia Dilley is an epidemiologist with Program Design and Evaluation Services, a joint office of the Multnomah County Health Department and Oregon Department of Human Services Division of Public Health. She designed the original evaluation for Washington State's comprehensive tobacco control program and managed the evaluation component of the program for five years. Julia's work currently focuses on public health law research to evaluate the impact of changes in law around alcohol and marijuana use in Washington State. She also works to support chronic disease prevention programs and health disparities research for state health programs in Washington, Alaska and New Mexico. Additionally, she provides direct support for chronic disease prevention and substance abuse prevention programs in Tribes and Tribal organizations.

Research Areas 


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