Peter Cummings

Professor Emeritus, Epidemiology


MD Case Western Reserve University, 1970
MPH Epidemiology, University of Washington, 1993



Recent Publications (PubMed)

Phase behavior of patchy colloids confined in patchy porous media.
(2024 Feb 2)
Kalyuzhnyi YV, Patsahan T, Holovko M, Cummings PT

E(n) Equivariant Graph Neural Network for Learning Interactional Properties of Molecules.
(2024 Feb 1)
J Phys Chem B 128(4): 1108-1117
Nehil-Puleo K, Quach CD, Craven NC, McCabe C, Cummings PT

Development of Heteroatomic Constant Potential Method with Application to MXene-Based Supercapacitors.
(2024 Jan 23)
J Chem Theory Comput 20(2): 651-664
Lin X, Tee SR, Kent PRC, Searles DJ, Cummings PT

Lifestyle Therapy Targeting Hyperinsulinemia Normalizes Hyperglycemia and Surrogate Markers of Insulin Resistance in a Large, Free-Living Population.
(2022 Dec)
AJPM Focus 1(2): 100034
Cummings PJ, Noakes TD, Nichols DM, Berchou KD, Kreher MD, Washburn PJ

Rapid Remission of Chronic, Progressive Conditions and Reducing Polypharmacy by Utilizing Lifestyle Therapy to Target Insulinemic Lifestyle Components.
(2023 Sep)
AJPM Focus 2(3): 100118
Cummings PJ, Washburn PJ, Schneider JA, Miosi SE, Nichols DM

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