Peter Cummings

Professor Emeritus, Epidemiology



MD Case Western Reserve University, 1970
MPH Epidemiology, University of Washington, 1993




Recent Publications (PubMed)

Structure-Dynamics Interrelation Governing Charge Transport in Cosolvated Acetonitrile/LiTFSI Solutions.
(2023 Jan 12)
J Phys Chem B 127(1): 308-320
Martins ML, Lin X, Gainaru C, Keum JK, Cummings PT, Sokolov AP, Sacci RL, Mamontov E

Universal Ligands for Dispersion of Two-Dimensional MXene in Organic Solvents.
(2022 Nov 14)
ACS Nano
Ko TY, Kim D, Kim SJ, Kim H, Nissimagoudar AS, Lee SC, Lin X, Cummings PT, Doo S, Park S, Hassan T, Oh T, Chae A, Lee J, Gogotsi Y, In I, Koo CM

Analyzing trends in treatment of acne vulgaris and adherence to the American Academy of Dermatology guidelines: A retrospective study.
(2022 Dec)
JAAD Int 9(): 100-101
Garg SP, Cummings PD, Campusano C, Kundu RV

Exploring Retention, Usage, and Efficacy of Web-Based Delivery of Positive Emotion Regulation Skills During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
(2022 Oct 4)
Affect Sci
Addington EL, Cummings P, Jackson K, Yang D, Moskowitz JT

NMR and Theoretical Study of In-Pore Diffusivity of Ionic Liquid-Solvent Mixtures.
(2022 Jul 7)
J Phys Chem B 126(26): 4889-4898
Cui J, Lin X, Zhao W, Cummings PT, Pruski M, Kobayashi T

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