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Pragmatic considerations for negative control outcome studies to guide non-randomized comparative analyses: A narrative review.
(2023 Jun)
Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf 32(6): 599-606
Levintow SN, Nielson CM, Hernandez RK, Breskin A, Pritchard D, Lash TL, Rothman KJ, Gilbertson D, Muntner P, Critchlow C, Brookhart MA, Bradbury BD

Trends in characteristics and outcomes among US adults hospitalised with COVID-19 throughout 2020: an observational cohort study.
(2022 Feb 28)
BMJ Open 12(2): e055137
Page JH, Londhe AA, Brooks C, Zhang J, Sprafka JM, Bennett C, Braunlin M, Brown CA, Charuworn P, Cheng A, Gill K, He F, Ma J, Petersen J, Ayodele O, Bao Y, Carlson KB, Chang SC, Devercelli G, Jonsson-Funk M, Jiang J, Keenan HA, Ren K, Roehl KA, Sanders L, Wang L, Wei Z, Xia Q, Yu P, Zhou L, Zhu J, Gondek K, Critchlow CW, Bradbury BD

Machine learning applications for therapeutic tasks with genomics data.
(2021 Oct 8)
Patterns (N Y) 2(10): 100328
Huang K, Xiao C, Glass LM, Critchlow CW, Gibson G, Sun J

A Novel Case Study of the Use of Real-World Evidence to Support the Registration of an Osteoporosis Product in China.
(2022 Jan)
Ther Innov Regul Sci 56(1): 137-144
Storm NE, Chang W, Lin TC, Lange JL, Bradbury B, Critchlow CW, Galson SK

Characteristics and outcomes of hospitalised adults with COVID-19 in a Global Health Research Network: a cohort study.
(2021 Aug 6)
BMJ Open 11(8): e051588
Zhu J, Wei Z, Suryavanshi M, Chen X, Xia Q, Jiang J, Ayodele O, Bradbury BD, Brooks C, Brown CA, Cheng A, Critchlow CW, Devercelli G, Gandhi V, Gondek K, Londhe AA, Ma J, Jonsson-Funk M, Keenan HA, Manne S, Ren K, Sanders L, Yu P, Zhang J, Zhou L, Bao Y

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