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Preparation and Mechanism Analysis of High-Performance Humidity Sensor Based on Eu-Doped TiO(2).
(2024 Jun 26)
Sensors (Basel) 24(13):
Zhang L, Chen C, Zhang H

Diagnostic Value of (99m)Tc-MIBI Myocardial Perfusion Imaging in Detecting Myocardial Ischemia of Children with Kawasaki Disease and Coronary Artery Lesions.
(2024 Jun 28)
Pediatr Cardiol
Gui Y, Lin Y, Wu H, Dai G, Liang X, Chu C, Zheng Y, Zhao Q, Wang F, Sun S, Huang G, Yan W, He L, Liu F

Analysis of gene expression in microglial apoptotic cell clearance following spinal cord injury based on machine learning algorithms.
(2024 Jul)
Exp Ther Med 28(1): 292
Yan L, Chen C, Wang L, Hong H, Wu C, Huang J, Jiang J, Chen J, Xu G, Cui Z

Hspb1 and Lgals3 in spinal neurons are closely associated with autophagy following excitotoxicity based on machine learning algorithms.
PLoS One 19(5): e0303235
Yan L, Li Z, Li C, Chen J, Zhou X, Cui J, Liu P, Shen C, Chen C, Hong H, Xu G, Cui Z

Biological characterization and complete genome analysis of the newly isolated Serratia liquefaciens phage vB_SlqS_ZDD2.
(2024 Apr 18)
Arch Virol 169(5): 104
Zhao Q, Han L, Chu C, Wang L, Zhuang L, Yuan R

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