Sohail Agha

Affiliate Professor, Epidemiology


Recent Publications (PubMed)

How Donors Can Collaborate to Improve Reach, Quality, and Impact in Social and Behavior Change for Health.
(2021 Jun 30)
Glob Health Sci Pract 9(2): 246-253
Harbour C, Hempstone H, Brasington A, Agha S

Understanding how social norms affect modern contraceptive use.
(2021 Jun 4)
BMC Public Health 21(1): 1061
Agha S, Morgan B, Archer H, Paul S, Babigumira JB, Guthrie BL

Using 'Theories of Change' and responsive feedback to design a digital service business for patent and proprietary medicine vendors in Nigeria.
Gates Open Res 3(): 1493
Wright RL, Gleek A, Bergin N, Williams RA, Agha S

An illustration of how responsive feedback in a social marketing tobacco control intervention in Ghana enabled managers to make decisions that increased intervention effectiveness.
Gates Open Res 3(): 1534
Agha S, Paullin J

Quality of labor and birth care in Sindh Province, Pakistan: Findings from direct observations at health facilities.
PLoS One 14(10): e0223701
Agha S, Fitzgerald L, Fareed A, Rajbhandari P, Rahim S, Shahid F, Williams E, Javed W, Currie S

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