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EPI 588 Preparing, Writing, And Critiquing Scientific Research Proposals (2-3)

Experience in preparing, organizing, and writing research proposals, following NIH and AHRQ guidelines. Includes weekly assignments and didactic exercises, leading to final research proposal. All students participate in mock study section to review and critique proposals. Prerequisite: second-year graduate student (PhD recommended), or PhD or MD in health-related field. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: jointly with HSERV 578.

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This course is not offered during the current quarter. For more info, please see the Epidemiology Course Planning Sheet at the link below.
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Additional Course Details

The course requires considerable time writing, re-writing, and critiquing proposals. The intent is to develop a grant proposal during the course.    

Topics Covered

All elements of NIH grant preparation. This includes Specific Aims, Research Strategy and Methods,  Significance, Innovation, Power, Review criteria and process, and a mock study section.    

Learning Objectives

  1. Use content-area expertise and methodologic skills to develop a coherent set of specific aims and a research plan that addresses these aims.    
  2. Demonstrate clear, concise and compelling grant writing skills covering each component of the PHS 398 technical application. This includes specific aims, research strategy (significance, innovation, approach, analysis and power), plus preliminary studies and/or progress if appropriate. 3-CREDIT OPTION.  
  3. Evaluate and critique research proposals developed by other student investigators. This includes preparing written a review of the two proposals and giving two brief oral presentations in class.  
  4. Apply components involved in submitting a grant to NIH or other funding sources to your own grant applications.

Course Format

In addition to regular classes, several peer review sessions will be scheduled outside of normal class attendance.    

How You Will Be Evaluated

You will be evaluated based on a successful completion of all elements of a grant application.    

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